Exhausted to Energized: The Natural Approach to Reverse Burnout!

Exhausted to Energized: The 90 Day Natural Approach to Reverse Burnout!

Gain More Energy, Better Focus, and Reduce your Overwhelm, Naturally!

What if you could feel calmer, and have energy, along with better focus, naturally,  so that you can feel more like the younger you, without expensive potions, pills or fads or spending the next 5 or 10 or 20 years face down in a computer?


Well, You can! I did it and you can too!

You get my YEARS of experience and advanced knowledge all in one place, along with support! 

Do you 

  • Feel like you have to be ‘wonder woman?’ 
  • Starting to feel run down  and exhausted a lot more than normal? 
  • Have moodiness, (crying or blowing up spells)?
  • Catching more colds or worsened allergies?
  • Have Foggy Thinking?    
  • Have low energy during the day, yet not sleeping well at night too? 
  • Wake up around 2-3AM?
  • Have trouble turning your mind off at night? 

Are you looking online or asking friends about herbs or other holistic principles to help you?   Or maybe you tried X herb or shake your friend suggested and it didn’t work? 

Well if any of this sounds like you, trust me keep reading because you are in the right place. 

If this sounds like you may be in (or headed to) burnout!  What the heck is that?

Burnout  is the state of chronic stress that leads to physical and mental exhaustion.  It can often come with diagnosis of a chronic illness. Now if you know anyone like this it can be tough. 

Now this can be hard, but if this sound like you, if so there is good news! You are in the right place with someone who not only understands and who had been there, but can offer solid natural protocols  to lend a helping hand! 

‘Great Course, Kelli really knows her stuff and presents it in a way that is easily doable! ‘ She has helped me to much over the years and this program is AWESOME! Kristen

Women are often highly caring people (some consider themselves Empaths, or highly sensitive persons), can often be the ‘yes person’ and can find themselves here because they want to ‘save the world’ and help everyone all the time! 

They sacrifice themselves and get so ill they can now help no one!  They find themselves stuck on the couch a lot more than they used to and they want to feel like their old self again. 

Often their doctors or medical staff say, you are fine just exercise more, or you just need to lose (or gain) weight and you will be fine, or your labs are fine.  But they don’t feel fine, they feel frazzled, lack focus and frustrated and to be honest, exhausted.  They are in what I call ‘burnout.’ 

The body can no longer keep up with the chronic and repeated stress and starts to break down, slowly. 


If this sounds like you, there is good news! You are in the right place!

I know EXACTLY what it feels like, that was me and it landed me in the Emergency Room and later (after an unusual diagnosis) my MD said they couldn’t help me! So, I went on a quest to find a better way and I did!  Now I teach the exact steps I took to help others struggling. 

This is a great program, the only program that can support you with SOLID Herb and other holistic remedies like aromatherapy, mind/body connection, stress and self care, along with nourishing the stressful body (nourishing at a mitrchrondial level). 

There are many wellness educators out there but few have the years of training and advanced certifications in Herbalism, Aromatherapy, Nutritional Therapy and Functional Coaching, to name a few.  I am revealing all of my secret steps in this program! 


‘There are so many resources in this course, you really did an excellent job, Kelli’ Tammy

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tree over creek

  • Increased Energy- Learn Food, Herbs and Natural Ways to Boost your Energy so that you can do more of the things you are passionate about.

  • Better Night’s Sleep so that you can bright-eyed instead of feeling like a zombie! Get my favorite Aromatherapy Linen Spray recipe to support you.

  • Calmer and Happier Emotions- Discover Herb, Flower Essence as well as Mindfulness and Positivity  to help calm the tide of emotions that come with exhaustion and overwhelm.

  • Better Focus, Creativity and Clarity so that you be more productive and make more money in your business.

  • Learn EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and how this little tool and can with you anywhere and support you during anxiety, or other stressful events.

  • You’ll get Herbal, Flower Essence and Aromatherapy recipes and Demos so you can make easy, yet effective remedies to support you along the way. (These recipes would cost well over $375 if purchased separately).

I am choosing more foods that give me energy! That’s helping me so much now to have more energy to do more things I enjoy! This is a great course. Thank you Kelli.’ Jennifer

But Kelli

But Kelli, I barely have time to blink my eyes much less make changes. How can this work for me?

Well first off, blink!  Don’t hurt your eyeballs, lol.

Now take the next 5 minutes and BREATHE!   Now relax and visualize how your want to see yourself in a year from now? Calm? Focused? Energized?  How does that make you feel? What would you do if you felt that way?

Now, make a decision based on your goal!  Do you want to continue to feel exhausted, frazzled and overwhelmed or do you want to make yourself a priority and feel calmer, focused and energized?  Where do you want to REALLY go?   The path you are on is the destination you are going, if you want to make a change you have to step on a different path.   You CAN get your mojo back and live your passion!  I did it, so can you!

But Kelli I have tried so many things, this diet, this shake, this herb, and been burned! How is your program different?

My clients call me ‘the no fad zone’ and say ‘Kelli is the Real Deal.’

There are no ‘kits’ or ‘shake’ sells.

This program is radically different! This about EASY foundational education along with herbal and holistic tips and strategies that WORK!  This is not a ‘shake or kit sales’.   That means you get real and lasting results and your money is invested and no wasted!

Besides the advanced education and certifications, I have a proven system that works.  I design and developed this based on my own personal struggle and I have the healing to back it up.

Plus, this is the same process I help walk my private clients through and guess what, it  GET RESULTS.


But Kelli, can’t I find this information online? Why should I pay for this?

Well,  you could spend the next 20 years, read a TON Herb, Aromatherapy, Flower Essence, Functional Medicine and other Holistic books I have and you may glean some of the content from them. You could also go to conference and take intensive online classes, and get some information as well.   Then your next step would be to make sure you get advanced certifications in the areas I am skilled in and spend  thousands of dollars, and you may gather all the information, weed through it all and find resources.  But YOU ARE ALREADY BUSY and that would take A LONG TIME! So why reinvent the wheel?

Or, since you are already super busy,  exhausted and need support, you could save time, money AND frustration by using the exact steps, strategies and process I uses (and still use today with my private clients) that work! Its your choice!  I just hate to see you struggle for the next 5, 10 or 20 years.

I see this a lot people try to go it alone, and then years later, they are worse of, or are still spinning their wheels or trying gather information. Often their bank account is way thinner, and they are more frustrated too.  I just want to support people, frustration doesn’t lead to success.

Bonus Resources

  • BONUS: ($197) FREE Gut Check  Program- Discover how hidden food intolerance(s) may be throwing a monkey wrench in your health and how to identify and fix it. Plus you will get my favorite recipe to ‘kick your soda habit’ and never need to buy probiotics again! 

  • BONUS: ($97) FREE Learn the Secret of the Pros who Master their Goals! Visualizing and Anchoring Program-Help you find ways to use past accomplishments to get over the current barriers you may be having.

  • BONUS: ($197) FREE Reduced Cravings and Emotional Eating Program- Lowering your sugar intake can results in brighter skin, less headaches, clearer thinking, releasing stubborn weight, and even improved digestion.

  • BONUS:  ($47) FREE Mindful Living 7 Day Program to help you relax, focus and have more energy and get you out of overdrive.

  • BONUS: ($197) FREE Flower Essence Making Class and Suggestions.  Learn how to use the subtle energy of flower essences to help with mental and emotional aspects of wellness. 


cat glasses:book

Here’s What is Included in the Program

  • Private Login and Commenting Area ($97)

  • Private Facebook group with access to me and LIVE FB group calls! ($347)

  • Videos, Handouts, Links, Book List to Support you Each Step of the Way! ($697)

  • Bonuses  Modules ($585)

  • Plus Herbal, Flower Essence, and Aromatherapy Demos and Recipes ($350)

  • Lifetime access to course (as long as it is up you  have access and you never pay more) I NEVER recharge you like some programs.  (priceless)

Kelli, This course has helped me such, you don’t even know. Plus the herb and aromatherapy recipes and demos are so great! This is so wonderful! Wow! Thanks Kelli! Karen

My Proven Herbal Approach & Resources to Support You!

Module 1

A Good Night’s Sleep

Common sabotages and little unknown ways to help you get a better night’s sleep

Resources: Herbal and Aromatherapy Recipes to Help you get a better night’s sleep


Module 2

Nourishing the Stressful Body

Easy ways to Nourish the Body with Herbal, Flower Essence and Aromatherapy to support you!

Herbal, Aromatherapy and Flower Essences Resources Included!


Module 3

Boosting Energy Naturally

Discover Nature Therapy and other energy boosting habits and how it supports calm, give the nervous system a break which supports energy.  Resources Included to support you!



Module 4

Stress Management and Self Care

Discover realistic ways to practice self care and stress management.

Demo and Recipes to help you relax and focus.


Module 5

Mindset, Positivity and Habits for Lasting Change

Learn my daily herbal mindful tea routine. Modern Women’s Daily Herbal Tea Blend Recipe.

Resources: Herbal and Aromatherapy Blends

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Meet your instructor:

Kelli, also know as, Maw-Maw Kelli is native-born Appalachian girl that grew up in the hills of WV riding motorcycles, playing in creek and learning to forage with her grandmothers.  She learned her first herb, ‘yeller root tea’ as a teenager.

Commonly referred to as ‘Wild Woman’  she is a naturalist and state and federal permitted wildlife rehabber and educator. She has rehabbed and released animals like, turtles, snakes, ‘possums, squirrels, bunnies and hawks.  She is the director of a non-profit wildlife organization.

She has advanced certifications (from NAHA, ICF and AHG approved programs) in Clinical Herbalism, Clinical Aromatherapy, Nutritional Therapy, Functional Medicine HEalth Coach and is a Flower Essence and Herbal Medicine maker.

With a Bachelor’s and a Master’s Degree (from accredited institutions)  she is a student of life and loves being in nature with plants, trees, as well as enjoys animal tracking in the woods. (Currently a PhD student from accredited institution)

She also enjoys teaching and practicing martial arts and is a 4th Degree Black Belt, Master in Tae Kwon Do, and a Blue Belt in Gracie Jiu-Jitsu and practices Tai Chi.

She is passionate about helping other women relax and live calmer with herb, aromatherapy and other natural solutions.


Kelli does not represent any supplement, essential oil or herb company. Any and all recommendations come from solid training and not kick backs