Tap into the Magic of your Mind with Hypnosis

Many people only know hypnosis from TV and people clucking like a chicken! Now that's funny! But did you know that hypnosis is a safe, natural state of mind that happens multiple times a day? Have you ever lost track of time while reading a book, watching TV, or doing in a hobby? This is a natural state. In our professional sessions together, I will gently guide you into this relaxed state for healing purposes. My work is remote and thus you can attend sessions from the comfort of your home.


Sessions are $110 (via Zoom)

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Emotional abuse and other types of trauma can lead to complex stress disorders. Stress disorders can benefit from adjuvant therapies like hypnosis and the mind-body medicine model.

Hypnosis can help clients discover their strengths, build self-esteem, feel more relaxed, sleep better, find safety and stabilization methods too.

Additionally, hypnosis can help increase positive automatic thoughts, support subjective well-being, and lead to post-traumatic growth. This can help depressive systems and support aspects of recovery from abuse

One of the hardest parts of recovery is due to the fact that the person closest to the individual is the threat, which is often the case.

When the body is constantly bombarded with negativity, the body develops shortcut reflex responses to deal with the trauma. This trauma, happening over time, causes the person to enter survival mode.

Hypnosis focuses on the client’s innate abilities to uncover solutions and overcome challenges. There are many definitions of hypnosis. Hypnosis is a focused, receptive state of attentiveness that leads to suggestibility. Hypnosis is one tool that can be beneficial for complex issues.

Emotional & psychological symptoms:

• Confusion, difficulty concentrating

• Anger, irritability, mood swings

• Anxiety and fear

• Guilt, shame, self-blame

• Withdrawing from others

• Feeling hopeless

• Feeling disconnected or numb

• Panic attacks

Physical symptoms:

• Insomnia or nightmares or other sleep disturbances

• Fatigue

• Being startled easily

•  Edginess and agitation

• Aches and pains

• Muscle tension

...hypnosis is the vehicle for empowering people with the abilities and realizations that ultimately can help them

~Michael D. Yapko, PhD

Being stuck in the trauma response makes it harder for the clients to imagine, learn new things, find the time or ways to play.

Hypnosis can also help build positive automatic thoughts and help clients set up goals and follow through with those goals.

Inner child work or ‘parts work’ in hypnosis can help support the healing.

Strengthening the client’s self-esteem can be done by working using ego strengthening suggestions.

Hypnosis’s effectiveness is higher if the client has a deep motivation to overcome the challenges and wanting forward motion towards goals.

A practitioner in hypnosis can help, please check the credentials of anyone you choose, as experience and proper training mean you get the best experience and results. 

Schedule a free call consultation to see how hypnosis can help you to go from surviving to thriving. This is not a quick fix rather a healing journey. Healing can be messy, but it is worth it. I know I have been there too!  

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Action Step:

Help! I don't have the above-mentioned issue but I am interested in a highly trained hypnotherapist for another issue can we chat?

YES, you can still schedule a session to see if we are a match or if I need to refer you to someone else.

Hypnosis can be great for motivation, rebuilding self-esteem, healing the inner child, and recovery from other symptoms like nightmares, insomnia, or other issues related to emotional abuse.

It’s beneficial, particularly when working with ego strengthening.

Set up a free consultation with me to discuss hypnosis and how it may be beneficial for you.

About your Practitioner 

Kelli R. Hughart, MAED, FMCHC, RMT, CPC is a doctoral candidate at Saybrook University College of Integrative Health and Sciences and Professional Positive Psychology Coach.

She loves all things nature-related. She holds multiple certifications in coaching, plant-based therapies like aromatherapy, flower essence therapy, and herbal medicine.

She’s an empath and passionate entrepreneur, well-known thought leader, and Reiki Master/Teacher. As a martial artist (5th Degree black belt) she is instrumental in helping women step into their power.

She gives back to her community through wildlife rehabilitation, and education.

To discover more about this topic and how mind-body medicine and positive psychology coaching can support you, and speed your healing reach out to me.

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Kelli has been a driving force in my quest for wellness. She has helped me so much, working one-on one, posts to her Facebook group, and always private support too. She is extremely knowledgeable, gives you the information straight up. She is supportive without being overbearing, knows we are all at a different place in our walk, and meets you wherever you may on that path. She does not expect you to change everything at once and encourages you to make one small change until you have that down then pick another. If you need to make changes and need good solid information and support Kelli is your "wild" woman! C.W.


I was hesitant to work anyone at first because I had been to many Naturopathic Doctors, spent money and without any results. I struggled with sleep, stress and anxiety. I have experienced better results with Kelli than with any other practitioner and I would definitely recommend Kelli as a practitioner to others. My sleep, anxiety and stress levels have improved by leaps and bounds by working with Kelli. In fact today I spend time planting a 50-foot garden and now feel more energy to spend more time outside. I resonated more with Kelli than any other practitioner. K.D.

Kelli Hughart is a Mind-Body Medicine Practitioner and Positive Psychology Coach within the Integrative Medicine and Health science model.

She has earned additional certifications in Trauma-Informed Coaching and Clinical Hypnosis.

Kelli has been practicing holistic methods for over 30 years and has been teaching workshops and online classes for over ten years.

In addition, Kelli has been interviewed by local magazines and newspapers. She has also been a guest educator at herb conferences and gatherings.

Her services are not designed to take the place of mental or physical medical care. Nor are the services designed to replace the relationship with healthcare providers.

However, one has the constitutional right to seek out services that align with one’s personal goals and ideals.

By now, you may be wondering how I can help? Let's get on a call and see how I can help you regain your calm and happiness.  


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