Kelli Hughart, PhD (c), CLC, FMCHC, RMT, NCCA, CHt

Hi there! If you're new here, I'm Kelli Hughart, Ph.D. candidate, a holistic hypnotherapist, author, and a practitioner with over 35 years of deep-rooted experience in holistic healing.

My personal journey through the challenges of complex PTSD stemming from narcissistic abuse led me to uncover a natural method for reclaiming inner peace and rediscovering the joy of life after a period of darkness.

With advanced certifications in Trauma-Informed Coaching, Transpersonal and Trauma-Informed Hypnotherapy, and Clinical Herbalism/Aromatherapy, I've had the honor of collaborating with distinguished clinicians, including MDs, DOs, NPs, and more.

My consistent 98% success rate sets my work apart, a testament to the transformative results my clients have experienced.

Clients often describe my approach as nothing short of miraculous, with some referring to me as an "angel sent from above." If you're ready to embark on a journey towards holistic well-being, I invite you to consider this invaluable opportunity. The investment in your own transformation is akin to a priceless gem, a journey worth every bit of its weight in gold, and I'm here to guide you every step of the way.

You don't have to suffer alone from the emotional pain caused by toxic partners like narcissistic abuse.

You can overcome these challenges and regain control over your life sooner rather than later!

By investing in yourself and guidance with evidence-based protocols, you can break free from people-pleasing, anxiety, depression, self-sabotage, and unhealthy relationship patterns.

You can learn to recognize and overcome emotional triggers, allowing you to live a happier, more fulfilling life.

The value of investing in your emotional well-being is priceless.

By working with a Trauma-Informed Coach and Certified Consulting Hypnotist you are taking a step towards a happier, healthier you sooner rather than later!

You deserve to live a life free from the pain of the past and the negative patterns that have been holding you back.

So don't wait any longer. Take action now and invest in yourself. Your future self will thank you for it.


Before working with Kelli, I was struggling to cope with a traumatic death I had witnessed. It left me feeling helpless. I didn't know how to deal with the intense emotions that were overwhelming me, and I felt like I was drowning in a sea of anxiety and fear.

Kelli helped me develop coping mechanisms and tools to manage my anxiety and calm my mind and fade out that horrible memory

As a result of working with Kelli, I was able to regain control of my thoughts and emotions and take steps toward healing and recovery.

Kelli made it easier for me to handle and deal with it mentally. I feel stronger, more resilient, and better equipped to face any challenges that may come my way. Kelli truly has a gift for helping people navigate difficult times in life, and I'm so grateful to have had her by my side.



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Are you struggling to heal from emotional abuse and feeling like you're stuck in a tornado? Do you feel unsupported by friends and family who just tell you to "get over it"?

It can be a frustrating and lonely journey, but know that there are evidence-based tools out there to help you speed up your healing process?

You deserve a kind, and empowering professional who can guide you towards a healthier and happier life.

Someone who understands the unique challenges of narcissist and has been there and healed, too.

Someone who can help you take practical steps towards healing and finding peace.

Don't give up hope! It's time to get off the emotional roller-coaster and start your journey towards healing.

With the right support and tools, you can overcome the challenges of emotional abuse and live the life you deserve!

Before working with Kelli I felt lost, alone, and overwhelmed, unsure of how to cope with the intense emotions of divorcing a narcissist.

During my work with Kelli, however, I experienced a breakthrough. Kelli's personal experience with the issues I was facing, combined with her insight, wisdom, and intuition, helped me to gain a new perspective on my situation.

Her caring and compassionate nature made me feel safe and supported as I began to process my feelings and work through my trauma.

As a result of working with Kelli,  I was able to handle the narcissist in the courtroom and the situation mentally and emotionally with more ease and grace than I ever thought possible.

Kelli helped me to develop coping mechanisms and tools to manage my anxiety and navigate the challenges I was facing.

I truly believe that my encounter and connection with Kelli was brought about by the Divine, and I'm so grateful for her knowledge, experience, and support during one of the darkest times in my life.

Long Term Abuse can lead to Extreme Stress and Chronic Illness!

Complex stress syndromes are extreme stress-based responses due to prolonged or repetitive events like abuse.

They can lead to distorted emotion regulation, negative self-concepts, and difficult relationships.

However, mind-body medicine tools like I teach to my clients can help promote neuroplasticity and lead to increased calm and happiness over time.

With the right support, individuals can learn to manage their symptoms and lead a happier life.

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Kelli is a truly exceptional holistic healer who listens closely to her clients and meets them exactly where they are on their healing journey. Whether you're struggling with chronic pain, brain fog, or other challenging conditions, Kelli has the expertise and compassion to help you overcome them.

Through her powerful hypnosis techniques, Kelli has helped many clients significantly improve their daily comfort level and become more focused and productive in their daily lives. Her approach is evidence-based and highly effective, with a proven track record of success.

If you're looking for a skilled and caring holistic healer who can help you achieve your health and wellness goals, Kelli is the one to turn to. Don't wait any longer to start living your best life - schedule a free healing the hurt breakthrough session with Kelli and see how she can help you make huge transformations




Mind-Body Medicine with Clinical/Applied Hypnosis Approach

Hi, I'm Kelli! My clients called me the 'Real Deal' and an 'Angel sent from above'. I'm a Transformational Hypnosis Coach (I also do trauma-informed coaching without hypnosis for those interested)

I am an expert in an evidence-based method of healing called Mind-body medicine.

Hypnosis with a Trauma-Informed certified coach is considered a speedier modality to layer into your current healing so that you can make FASTER progress for LESS money!

Mind-body medicine is a new, modern, revolutionary approach to emotional and physical well-being. Experts like me don't rely on fads or smoke and mirrors.

We promote healing that includes a wide range of behavioral and lifestyle interventions that are equal to conventional medicine.

I work virtually so you can gain support from the comfort of your own home.

Are you a DIYer, no stress!

I also have an e-course dedicated to the tools I teach my private clients you can join and implement on your own time!

How Do I Know?

As an HSP, I developed complex stress syndrome (cPTSD), which turned into a total crash (with allostatic load burden) from the long-term abuse.

Therapy, while helping me validate my feelings and the 'war zone'I was living in, was not enough. I needed more!  I reached out and got support through tools I learned in my doctorate program at Saybrook University (an accredited graduate institution in the US).

The road to recovery was not overnight, but I learned secret tips, tricks, and biohacks to speed my progress faster than talk therapy.

They are getting amazing results!

My clients and I Have used this Drug-Free and Natural Method to:

  • Increased happiness levels by 95%

  • Greatly Reduced or Eliminate Panic Attacks by 95%

  • Reduce Nightmares and Insomnia by 92%

  • Increased Confidence and Improved Self Esteem by 95%

  • Reduced Pain by 85%

  • Reduced Imposter Syndrome by 97%

  • Increased Energy by 85%

  • Increased Focus and Memory by 93%

  • Reduced Flashbacks and Triggers by 95%

Are you next?

  •  About Me:

Hi, I am Kelli R. Hughart, PhD-c, FMCHC, RMT, CPC, CCHt, NCCA®

I'm a published thought leader, author, and course creator, and I hold several state teacher licenses. My work on this topic was accepted into ASCH (American Society of Clinical Hypnosis).

I love all things nature-related and give back to my community through wildlife rehabilitation.

I hold multiple advanced certifications and education in

  • Coaching

  • Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach

  • Trauma-Informed Life Coaching

  • Emotional Recovery Coach

  • Mental Health Coach

  • Plant-based Therapies

    • Clinical Herbal Medicine (AHG-approved school)

    • Certified Clinical Aromatherapist (NAHA Level 3)

    • French Aromatherapy (NAHA approved school)

    • Green Spirit Wise Craft Medicine

    • Flower Essence and Medicine Maker/Practitioner

    • Shamanic Plant Certification

    • Sound Healing Expert

  • Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy

    • Clinical and Applied Hypnosis (Accredited Graduate School, Ph.D program)

    • Trauma-Informed and Transpersonal Hypnotherapy

    • Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy

    • Hypnosis for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

    • Cognitive Behavioral Hypnotherapy (UK)

    • Biofeedback Certification

    • Childbirth Hypnosis

  • Reiki Master Teacher (Traditionally Trained and Apprenticed)

  • Mitochronidal and Functional Nutrition 

  • Stress Management Education Professional

Information contained here is for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, cure or treat any diseases. Kelli does not represent any herb or essential oil company; thus recommendations are based on education, not kick-back. 

*This work does not take the place of your work with your mental health providers nor your medical team, or our one-on-one work together.  However, this is another layer to healing you can add to those methods. Many of my private clients have reduced or gotten off of medications within the supervision of their providers. 

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All information on this page and the book Lost to Living is Copywrited and filed with my attorney.

Information on the entire website is for educational purposes only and does not take place of any type of medical or mental health care.

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