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Personal & Individual Hypnotherapy Sessions

Hi, I’m Kelli, a board-certified hypnotherapist, and I believe that people have all the resources they need within them.  I am here to teach you how to access those resources to get the results you want using evidence-based tools like Hypnosis and Mind-Body Medicine (see more Here)

Hypnosis builds positive automatic thoughts and helps clients set up goals and follow through with those goals quicker, easier, and speedier than other modalities.

Hypnosis also offers a unique and effective approach to addressing various challenges by tapping into the power of the mind, empowering individuals to make positive changes at a profound level that other modalities fail to achieve.

01.    Smoking Cessation

02.    Stress Management

03.    CPTSD/PTSD & Burnout Recovery 

04.   Weight Loss

05.Sleep Support


Helping People Regain Power In Their Lives

Personal Betterment

Want to quit smoking or vaping? Looking for a proven non-invasive way to lose weight without pills or fad diets? Maybe you need to get better rest at night?  

CPTSD/PTSD & Burnout Recovery Support

Trauma doesn’t have to be a life sentence. Healing from trauma is hard, but it CAN get better, I can help.  5 Star reviews on Google

Stress LESS Earn MORE

Does every day feel too hard? Hypnosis can help, I work with women who want to do less and earn more in their business and enjoy their lives again!

Online Burnout and Complex STRESS Recovery E-Course

Go from burned out to bliss with my online group program designed for kind-hearted folks who are exhausted and worn down due to harshness from the workplace or home life. 

Stress Management

CPTSD/PTSD & Burnout Recovery

Personal Betterment/Goal Achieval 

Relationship Support


What People Say

Since working with Kelli, I’ve seen a significant improvement in my daily comfort level, and I’m able to be more focused and productive than ever before. I can’t wait to continue working with Kelli and experiencing even more incredible transformations in the future. If you’re looking for a true expert in hypnosis who will help you achieve your goals and overcome your challenges, Kelli is the answer!

Stacy M.

Pricing Table

Unique Options for a Unique You

$400 FREE Ignite your Inner Fire Breakthrough Session

One time FREE consultation to get you on the right path.

Meet with the team to figure out how best we can serve you.

Personal Betterment

Four Individualized Sessions

Ready to quit smoking for good? Sick of fad diets that don’t work? Our clinically proven hypnosis sessions are personalized just for you to reach your goals!

Complex Stress Disorders /Trauma Recovery

Six to Nine Sessions

Hypnosis, within MBM is specialized to treat Complex PTSD and trauma from narcissistic abuse recovery. Using only evidence-based practices that are proven gentle and effective

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