Curriculum Vitae

Kelli Hughart PhD-c, RM/T, CPC, FMCHC, CH

Master Clinical Herbalist/Aromatherapist,  Reiki Master/Teacher and Professional Certified Coach

Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach

Mind-Body Medicine Expert/Coach

Clinical Hypnotist

Formal Studies are from Accredited Institutions 

B.A. 2001 Liberal Arts: Heavy science concentration (GPA 3.20)

M.A. Ed 2004 Elementary Education (GPA 3.94)

I currently hold a valid teaching professional certificate in my state.    (Post Professional Graduate Certification) expiration date of 2022.

Ph.D. Candidate at Saybrook University (accredited institution) in College of Integrated Medicine and Health Sciences speciality  Mind-Body Medicine, Stress Management, and Clinical Hypnosis


Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach

PTSD and Hypnosis Recovery

Immune Disorders and Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis for Pain

Hypnosis for Childbirth

Past Life Regression Therapy 

CPR/AED Certified 

Reiki Master/Teacher (traditionally apprenticed and trained)

Certified Virginia Master Naturalist

Master Certified Clinical Herbalist and Master Certified Clinical Aromatherapist (Master denotes hours of training, dedication to the art and learning of advanced practices in the field, not mastering the field, always learning) 

Certified Health Coach

Flower Essence Practitioner and Herbal Medicine-Maker 

State and Federally Permitted Wildlife Rehabber/Educator – Director of AWARE

Wilderness First Aid Certified

Certified Results Coach

Complex PTSD/ Emotional Recovery Coach

Ham Radio License 


Trauma-Informed Coaching 

1987-Present (Including but not limited to)

Holistic Health Studies:  Homeopathy, Fluoridation, Gardening, (Traditional Western) Herbalism,  Folk Herbalism, Appalachian Herbs, Tree Medicine, Gemmotherapy, Aromatherapy, Holistic Animal Care, Domestic Animal and Wild Animal Nutrition,Wildlife Care,  Human Nutrition, Crystals, Plant/Flower Essence, Naturopathic Studies, Hydrotherapy, Iridology, Wild Foods, Botanical Perfume, Naturalism, Ecopsychology, Somatic Healing, Health/Wellness  Coaching and Integrated Health Coaching, Botany, Anatomy and Physiology, Functional Medicine, Chemistry and Energy Work (Reiki). T-Touch (1994) Emotional Freedom Technique –EFT (2001)  Reiki Apprentice RM/T (2008-2010) T-Touch (2003). I will not make a book list, otherwise, we will be here all day. lol

Reiki Level 1-Master/Teacher (in person traditional apprenticeship) 2008-Present

Martial Arts (4th Dan in TKD) Training began in 2004-Present (informal study off an on since I was 16) Working on Blue Belt in Gracie Jui-Jitsu from a CTC.  Tai Chi Practitioner/Educator

Conferences: (Including, but not limited to)


Medicine From the Earth (NC) yearly

Traditions in Western Herbalism, 2014

American Herbalist Guild 2010

South East Woman’s Herbal Conferences

Advanced Training:  Including but not limited to (2008-Present)

Mathew Wood (Pulse Taking)

Margi Flint (Reading the Body)

Sam Coffman (Wilderness/Herbal First Aid)

Phyllis Light (Appalachian Herbalism)

Darryl Patton (Folk Medicine)

David Winston (Cherokee Medicine/Local Plant Medicine)

To-Doula Training (Doula Training)

Advanced/Specialized Studies Certifications and Continuing Education

(in no particular order)

Master Herbalism (2600  Hour Clinical Herbal Course) Heart of Herbs School -Certificate

Master Aromatherapy Class (650 Hour Clinical course) Heart of Herbs School-Certificate

French Aromatherapy (East-West School of Aromatherapy) -Completed did not seek Certificate

Kamana Program (1-4) Naturalist Studies – Completed

Mind-Body Master Class (CEU-Certificate)

Mindfulness in Clinical Care (CEU-Certificate)

Green Spirit Wise Craft Heart of Herbs School (500 Hours) Certificate

Virginia Master Naturalist (over 100 hours of CE and over 2500 hours of volunteering to date)-Certificate

Lindamood-Bell Seeing Stars, On Cloud Nine, LiPS) -Certificates

Orton-Gillingham Training-Certificate

Sage Mountain Herbal School -Certificate

Southwest School of Botanical Medicine (Constitutional Lessons 1-12) Completed did not seek Certificate

Mitochondrial Nutrition by Dr. Alex Vasquez

Functional Inflammology by Dr. Alex Vasqez

Inflammation Mastery by Dr. Alex Vasquez

The Health Sciences Academy Nutritional Therapist Course  -Certificate

Natural Anxiety Masterclass-Certificate- CEU Certificate

Functional Ketogenics Masterclass-CEU Certificate

Pharmacy of Flowers (Floracopeia)-Completed

Dr. Sears Wellness L.E.A.N  and Prime Time Health Coaching Certifications  (Certificates)

Natural Women’s Health Master Class (CEU certificate)

Natural Cardiology Master Class (CEU certificate)

MTHFR Clinical Series (CEU certificate)

Autoimmune Master Class (CEU certificate)

Results Based Coaching (CEU certificate)

Natural Allergy Master Class (CEU certificate)

Natural Gastrointestinal Master Class  Level 1  (CEU certificate)

Natural Gastrointestinal Master Class Level 2 (CEU certificate)

Hair Nail and Tongue Diagnosis (CEU certificate)

Natural Depression Masterclass Certificate

Fibromyalgia, Fatigue and Global Pain Syndromes (CEU certificate)

Natural Dog Master Class (CEU certificate)

Phytonutrients with Dr.  Minich  (CEU certificate)

Ketogenics Master Class (CEU certificate)

Functional Diagnoses 3 Part Series Master Class (CEU certificate)

Advanced Webinar Training: (Included and not limited to)

Reading Blood Work series (Thomas Easley)

Herbal Constituents (Lisa Ganora)

Cardiology Herbalism (Fratellone)

Floracopeia Pharmacy of Flowers (David Crow)

K.P. Khalsa- Holistic Business.

Mitochondria Nutrition -Dr. Vasquez

S.A.D and Aromatherapy

Pharmacy of Aromatherapy

Herbal First Aid Sevensong

Herbal Energetics-Kiva Rose

Samuel Thomson (Steven Horne)

Dental Herbalism (Leslie Alexander)

Weeds for Medicine (David Winston)

Migraines: The Heart of the Matter (Joseph Wolfson, D.O)

Stress and and Effects on Health (Dr. Sears Wellness)

Gluten and the Gut (Dr. Sears Wellness)

ADD and NDD (Dr. Sears Wellness)

Science of Sugar (Dr. Sears Wellness)

Artificial Sweeteners (Dr. Sears Wellness)

MANY MANY MORE I am forgetting to name!

Specialized Advanced Herbalism Audio Courses (including but not limited to)

David Winston Audio Courses (All)

Paul Bergner Audio Course (All ) www.

Specialized Advanced Herbalism Video courses (including but not limited to)

Differential Diagnoses (with textbook)

Western Phytotherapy

Pulse and Tongue Diagnoses

Botany and Wildcrafting

Doctrines of Signatures

Many MORE!

Advanced Training in Wildlife Rehab (including but not limited to)

I currently hold a state and federal permits and am legal to rehab everything but bear, deer, and high risk rabies species. I specialize in box turtles, bunnies and possums.

NC Wildlife 2013

Call of the Wild (yearly)

Sacred Friends Conference (2016)

Master Tracking James Halfpenny

Wildlife Rehabber Math

Handling Wildlife Calls

WCV Wildlife Conferences

AWARE Conferences

Specialized Studies in Martial Arts:

Gracie Combative/Blue Belt Training (current)

Ryron Gracie Seminar (2016)

Kubaton Training Workshop (2013)

Gun Self Defense Training Workshop (2016)

Knife Self Defense Training Workshop

4th Degree TKD based Eclectic Martial Arts (stand up, knife, ground work, sword and bo staff, etc)

Tai Chi (working on certification)

Currently teach Ladies Self Defense, Tai Chi,  and private instruction in martial arts

Not to mention: 

Thousands and thousands of hours of specialized, self study in holistic and herbalism,  as well as hundreds of books read on these topics. as well as teaching classes, seeing clients, mentoring apprentices,  etc.  I WALK the TALK!


Professional NAHA

General Member AHG

United Plant Savers

Certified Virginia Master Naturalist (1400 volunteer hours)

State/Federally Permitted  Rehabber/Educator and Director  with AWARE

Co-Founder of Virginia Herbalist Society (new organization)

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