Herbal Honey

Maw-Maw Kelli, Herbalist 

Honey (any kind you like, I like raw wildflower honey, local)
Herb, fruit, flowers, etc.
Clean dry jar with lid
Fill the jar with freshly chopped herb(s) (or other material) and cover with honey (make sure all material is covered).  Label.
Let steep (out of the sunlight) for several weeks or until desired taste (4-6 weeks). I flip over the jar every so often to make sure the material stays covered.
Strain the material off the honey (use cheesecloth), and then label and put into a clean dry labeled jar. You can add a paper towel under the lid if you worry about moisture. I have never had an issue.
Add to teas and infusions.
Add to whiskey for sore throats.
Add to vinegar for throat rinse.
Eat for sweet snack.
A few that I have made (not a complete list)
Lemon Balm

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