Digestive Bitters

Maw-Maw Kelli, Herbalist

Dandelion Roots, Leaf and Flower (I do not use stems) *
Ginger Root
Yellow Dock Root (Rumex Crispus)
Peel of 1 Lemon (or orange is you like)
Pinch of Cloves
Small cinnamon stick (optional)
Brandy (or 100 proof vodka)
Honey (optional- some people like a little sweet to balance the bitter taste)
32 ounce mason jar, with lid and label
Ethically forage and gather several nice size dandelion plants (roots and all).  Wash and remove stems.  I use all the roots and  leaves and all the flowers.  I use about 3 parts root in this remedy (good sized roots)
About ¼ or ½ inch of a Ginger root. 
About ¼ to ½  inch of Yellow Dock Root (this is optional if you don’t have it, but I like it personally). I had a large root so that may vary depending the size.
I peel 1 lemon
One pinch (heavy pinch) of clove.
I added a small cinnamon stick to mine, but this is your choice as well.
Please note I do not measure, I make most of herbal remedies like I cook, until it seems right (unless of course I am using a strong herbs or roots that require it-then I DO measure and am very careful-use common sense please and never use a herb you are not familiar with or is out of your expertise without seeking help from another herbalist)
Everything should be dry, but not dried out (in other words not wet)
I grate the roots and chop the leaves and flower and add to a mason jar (about ¾ full of material). 
Fill the jar to cover all the material with brandy.  I then add a bit of honey, but you could fill the jar full of brandy if you like.  I like honey in mine.  J
I let steep for about 4-6 weeks, (until the taste is where I like it)
Strain off the material and label your jar.  Shake well and take a little before meals.  (I just take a sip, again I do not a measure-probably about 1 teaspoon).
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I use these herbs for me.  I also forage for most of what I use, so that is why I chose these (except for Ginger which I do buy). There are many ways to make bitters; this is just the way I like to do it.  Explore and find your own way or recipe you like!!!
*Please know your plants before harvesting, remember wildlife uses plants too and always follow ethical wild-crafting!
Hope this helps and Green Blessings!!