Tawodi was breathing hot air on me that summer day in Virginia.  Darling husband and I were attempting to walk the whole property line.  Of course with 60 acres of thick underbrush this is no easy task.  Hot, sweaty and ready to give up, I happen upon a patch of wild grapes, Muscadines.  These beautiful purple grapes were just little bit of motivation I needed to press on and continue my journey. As our walk continued, we starting marking the property line by tying marking tape around certain trees.  As I started up on the next tree that was in the line, I wrapped my arms around it to tie it on the other side and just as that moment occurred the tree spirit reached out and kissed me. Well I have never had that happen to me before.  I stopped for a moment and then smiled and said to the beautiful White Oak that I was involved with, ‘my husband will be so jealous.’  The tree smiled and I smiled back! I shared the story with my husband who was about 15 yards ahead of me looking back as if to say, ‘what is taking so long.’ He just smiled and stopped for a moment to enjoy the magic!  If you have never been kissed by a tree, I hope you will open your heart and mind to the possibility!

Tawodi, is the name that was chosen for our 60 wonderful, sacred acres.  Tawodi is Cherokee for Hawk.

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