Herbal Infusion

Maw-Maw Kelli, Herbalist

What is an Infusion?An infusion is a strong nutritive beverage used from leaves (roots, flowers, or seeds) of plants.  An infusion is nutritive like a tea, but with more flavor and more health benefits because it is steeped longer and has larger amounts of herb.  Generally I use about a handful of herb (about a cup) (or mixture of herbs) in about a quart of water. I typically make my infusions before I go to bed at night so they can steep for a long time.  (I like them to steep at least 4 hours, but preferably longer).
I do not take vitamins, personally, so this is what I use for my mineral and vitamins along with a healthy diet of organic meats, fruits and vegetables (and healthy fats).

Some infusions you may want to consider are:
It is a great idea to use a few nourishing herbs for your infusion recipe, or to rotate the herbs you use each day. For example, Monday you may use Nettles, Tuesday Alfalfa, Wednesday Red Clover, and so on. This is your choice! Be creative, just make sure you know your herbs well before using. And if you foraging and dry your herbs, please make sure you know your plant ID very well, use ethical wildcrafting and dry your herbs properly (if you are not familiar with these guidelines please purchase your herbs until you are, find a local person who can teach you or research yourself please).  I prefer to grow my own herbs for this use, because of the volume of herbs needed. I also use an Excalibur Food dehydrator to dry my herbs.
Here are some of the herbs I use personally, but you can use what you like and what works for you.
Nettle, Alfalfa, Red Cover, Oat Straw, Red Raspberry Leaf, Lemon Balm, Dandelion leaf, Horsetail Leaf (small amounts in my mixture, Hibiscus (small amounts also in my mixture) 1/8-1/4 of a part.  

What Tools will I need?  A coffee press, herbs and hot water (like you are making tea-just to boiling water). You can also use a Mason jar you will then need a strainer, and cheesecloth to strain. The last and most important thing you will need it a smile! This is important NEVER make food or herbal medicines with angry or negative energy. So get rid of the day’s crud before you brew!  J
To prepare: take 6 tablespoons of a dried herb (or a blend of herbs*) and place in a coffee press (some people use 1/2 ounce, some 1 ounce of herb).  Pour hot (hint: use a tea kettle) water over the herb and let steep for 4-6 hours or preferable overnight. Press down and enjoy within 24 hours (preferable at room temperature).
*Please note to start I only use 1 plant at a time. That way should you have a idiosyncratic reaction you will know what plant cause it.  Then after you are familiar with each plant you can mix if you like.  I like a coffee press because it is just easier in the morning for me personally. But you can use what you have!
You can start out with a smaller amount of herb until you get comfortable then you can increase it, if you like. I use a handful of herb, personally J
Where can I find these herbs? You can find these herbs at www.mountainroseherbs.com or www.redmoonherbs.com or www.frontiercoop.com or www.blessedherbs.com or grow your own herbs find seeds at www.horizonherbs.com or www.rareseeds.com