Poison Ivy

Maw-Maw Kelli, Herbalist

This is not my usual how to type of post, but more of an informative. This is a remedy that I personally love for Poison Ivy. I am one of those people who get poison ivy quite bad and have used pretty much any remedy you can think of. I would name them all but it would be a while.  
One of my favorite remedies that I now use is comes from an herbalist Robin McGee in Anderson SC (http://www.carolinagrassfedbeef.com)  (please support her work).  She makes White Oak Bark tincture and she taught me about it’s uses for poison ivy (ok it has other uses, but this is my favorite use). 
I just want to share with you a wonderful remedy that I am personally thankful for.
Here’s how people use it: Apply White Oak Bark tincture to the affected area several times a day until no longer needed (external only) 
You can find this remedy Here!