Fire Cider*


Raw dry items:
Garlic-  (2-4  large bulbs)
Horseradish (I grow my own) I use about a 3-inch piece or so. I just eye it.
Onions (I use 1 small red onion)  
Ginger –small piece
1 Cayenne pepper (or use dried ¼ of a teaspoon)
Apple Cider Vinegar
Honey (I use raw)
Clean Jar (I use a  quart mason jar)
Plastic lid (do not use a metal lid)
-You should be able to get these items from your local grocer or health food store.


If you are measuring in parts it should be about 1 part of garlic, horseradish, onion and ¼ part of ginger and 1 cayenne pepper.  1 part would equal about ½ of a cup I suppose.  If you use powdered cayenne usually ¼ of a teaspoon is good any more and it may be too hot. Make sure your jar is big enough to fit your material if not adjust and made more (or less).
Disclaimer: I don’t measure anything I just put it in there until I think it looks good. So that is why I don’t have exact measurements.  I do it just like I cook (thanks Mabel Hughart for that)
Chop the garlic, onion, horseradish and ginger.  At this point you should see how the medicine will be working, you should feel your sinuses opening up during this step.  J
As I am making this (or any medicine) ….. this is the point when I usually sing or say nice things to the ingredients like ‘you are going to make people healthy,’ or  we appreciate you, you are a beautiful plant, thanks for your service.  Never ever EVER make any medicine if you are angry or have negative energy!!!  NEVER!!
So to continue, I chop up the ingredients and fill the jar about ¾ of the way full with the dry (yet fresh) material.  Then I add the cayenne pepper powder if you didn’t use a fresh one. Fill the jar close to full with apple cider vinegar (make sure all material is covered).  I let this sit for several weeks (about 4 weeks, or until I like the taste), Then I strain off the material with a strainer and cheesecloth (compost it) and get a clean jar and add honey (to taste).  Label it!  J
That’s it!  Enjoy!


I use this for sinus congestion, onset of a bug (like cold or flu), or sometimes just a little nip in the winter to warm me up.  I love it!  It’s really tasty. I use a small shot glass about half full when I take it personally. Depending on the issue I may take it a few times a day, or just when I want something warm. 
WARNING:  Energetically this is a warm remedy, so if you have a ‘hot constitution’ remember this if you still want to use it, then use small doses (or add more honey to balance that).
If you are taking blood-thinning medications or have sensitive or gastro-intestinal issues this may not be for you, please use common sense and if you think it sounds too strong, don’t use it!  
*This recipe I learned from Rosemary Gladstar and again in a Vitalism course from Paul Bergner. Both are great educators on Herbalism I hope you will support their work. Paul Bergner’s Site Gladstar’s Site.