Garlic Syrup

Kelli Armes, Herbalist


Fresh yet dry:
Sugar (SuCaNat* or something similar if you don’t use white sugar)
Clear jar (I use a small jelly jar)


Chop garlic, Ginger and Onion.  Start with a  small layer of sugar on the bottom part of the jar. Then layer garlic over it. Next layer sugar again. Then layer Onion, sugar again, and then layer Ginger.  Do this layering process in you are finished with the material top it off with a layer of sugar. 
Note your sugar and garlic/onion/ginger layers should be the same size. So not 2 inches of sugar and 1 inch of material, use equal amounts, you don’t want garlic/ginger/onion to be jealous.
Let this sit for a few days and you will see the sugar will start to ‘melt.’  As this process happens the sugar is pulling out the medicine from the herbs.  Wait until it looks like it is all syrup (a few days).  Strain the material (compost it) and keep the sugar syrup. This is great for colds, coughs, bugs that go around, etc.  And the taste is not too bad either.   If you don’t have Ginger you can just make garlic and onion, or just garlic.  There is no wrong way I have done it with all three and just garlic!
I personally store mine in the frig.  I take from ½ teaspoon to 1 teaspoon several times a day as needed for colds, cough, etc.  This dosage may vary from person to person.  This is what I like to take, you should start with small amounts and make sure it suits you personally. 
I learned this simple yet effective recipe from Paul Bergner’s Vitalism Courses
*SuCaNat=Sugar Cane Natural