Smudge Spray



Eastern Red Cedar (Juniperus Virginiana) 
Filtered water
Cedarwood (same species Juniper) essential oil (optional if you are sensitive to scents)
Brandy or Vodka to preserve


Ethically and thoughtfully harvest a small amount of Cedar limbs (very small amount is needed and only with permission of the tree).  If you do not have permission or do not do this in a respectful manner, your smudge will not be effective.
Place material in large pot with filtered water and simmer on low until water is reduced by half.
I like to say a prayer over the material during this time. 
Pour mixture into a large jar and preserve with same amount of brandy or vodka. 
Blow over the mixture 7 times.
A few drops of Cedarwood oil as you add your mixture to your spray bottle. (I use 2 drops per bottle depending on the size you don’t want it too strong)


I use this when I cannot smudge (out in public, or if someone in the house is sensitive to smoke at that time).
Keep in a small bottle and spray yourself when/if needed.
Cleanse yourself (mist your aura)
Cleanse your area (mist the room, great for hotels and travel)