Eastern Red Cedar (Juniperus Virginiana) 
Filtered water
Cedarwood (same species Juniper) essential oil (optional if you are sensitive to scents)
Brandy or Vodka to preserve


Ethically and thoughtfully harvest a small amount of Cedar limbs (very small amount is needed and only with permission of the tree).  If you do not have permission or do not do this in a respectful manner, your smudge will not be effective.
Place material in large pot with filtered water and simmer on low until water is reduced by half.
I like to say a prayer over the material during this time. 
Pour mixture into a large jar and preserve with same amount of brandy or vodka. 
Blow over the mixture 7 times.
A few drops of Cedarwood oil as you add your mixture to your spray bottle. (I use 2 drops per bottle depending on the size you don’t want it too strong)


I use this when I cannot smudge (out in public, or if someone in the house is sensitive to smoke at that time).
Keep in a small bottle and spray yourself when/if needed.
Cleanse yourself (mist your aura)
Cleanse your area (mist the room, great for hotels and travel)