Apple Cider Vinegar (or Herb infused ACV –or red wine vinegar– if you have that on hand)
Honey (raw)
Herbs, Berries  or Roots,   -Ginger Root and Cinnamon for this one
32 ounce Mason jar
Plastic lid
In this one I will use Ginger Root as the example.  I have used pine needle, lemon balm just to name a few.  Whatever you do choose to use make sure it is not something you are allergic to or something that is really strong medicinally unless you are advanced enough to do that.  😀   Rosalee from learning herbs, does bee balm, I don’t have any of that though, but I bet it is nice!
Chop your Ginger root and let sit for 10 minutes (I do this with garlic and onion too). Add 1 stick of cinnamon to 32-ounce Mason jar. 
I filled the jar up about halfway full with the root, but you could do less, or maybe, more if you like.  (Remember from my previous post I don’t measure most of the time)
Fill the jar up with ACV about 2/3 of the way full.  (this can be more or less depending on your taste. Make a few different ways and see what you like).
Fill the rest of the jar with local raw honey. 
I DO NOT heat mine (but some people do heat on low to mix up the honey and vinegar).
Put on the plastic lid (always use plastic lids with vinegars) and label your creation.
Let sit for a few weeks and shake daily (if you don’t the honey will sit at the bottom).  Taste it here and there and when you like the taste strain it and enjoy.  I have strained mine in a few weeks or left the material in there longer (if the material starts to break down go ahead and strain it).
You can drink a little each day if you like.  Take some when you have a cold or flu.  Or add other herbs to it deliver medicine.  You can cook with it, put it on your salad as dressing (with a little olive oil poured over it). Whatever you like have fun and just see what all you can do with it!