Princess Tree

Maw-Maw Kelli,  Herbalist

Want to have long beautiful hair like a princess?  Use me!  Said the Paulownia Tree (Paulownia Tomentosa).  So …..who am I to argue, I mean I am just a lowly human right?  What the plants say I do.  So here is how I use the Paulownia tree.  Since I heard the tree first say that I have found a few articles that say it has been used for hair growth.  I will try to find those again and link them below.
Since my tree has yet to bloom, I am, at this current moment only using the leaf. Though I do plan to use the flower along with the leaf in the future.


Here is my ‘shampoo’ (ok there’s no soap in it but you can add some see the end)
In a medium sauce pan put:
2-3 small Princess leafs (or one large one) I let this dry a little bit just enough to break the cell wall.
Some Rosemary (you know I don’t measure, just a few small twigs with the leafs pulled off)
Nettle (see my previous note about measuring)
Coffee (ground) my hair is dark or cacao powder (leave this out if you don’t have dark hair)
Essential oil (rosemary, mint, whatever) optional
I have also done this with JUST princess tree leaf and I have done it with sage too.  Feel free to experiment. Find your own way! 😀
I let this simmer on low all day long and it will usually reduce by half the water amount.  Strain. Then I add about a tablespoon of baking soda and you can add essential oil (1 or 2 drops no too much) if you like because it doesn’t smell the best in the world. 
Note if you have blonde or light hair you should consider herbs that won’t darken your hair (leave out the cacao or coffee too) and depending on your hair type you may want to consider different herbs that rosemary.  This is a personal choice experiment and have fun with it. 😀
I bottle it and keep it in the fridge and use every other day (note this depends on your hair type). Maybe if you have dry hair you use it less often or add different herbs.

Princess Tree Hair Oil

Oil of your choice (olive, jojoba, argan or mix several up)
Princess tree leaf
Add your freshly dried leaf to your oil and let set in the sun for several days (however long you like when you make herbal oil) or put in a double boiler and heat for a few hours—again or however long you do for you other herbal oils.  You may add other herbs (like you did in your shampoo) if you like and a little vitamin E. Add a few drops to your hair from time to time to help condition it.  I do this at night and put it in braids. 

Princess Tree Vinegar

Again use a few leaves and chop them up very small and add apple cider vinegar.  Let steep out of the sun for several weeks.
Use a rinse from time to time.
Add 1 part vinegar to 3 parts water
CLOSE YOUR EYES!  Vinegar burns!
Paulownia tree is considered invasive so many people do not want it growing….that being said….  If it does grow near you what better way keep it ‘in check’ than to use the leaves (new sprouts) as they pop up out of the ground for your hair.
You can find out more about Paulownia here:

If you use this please report back.  I have been using this for several months (years now not just months as I update this blog) and I like it (after my profile pic on this page was taken, so that is not princess tree hair)  I would love to hear feedback because no one I know uses it this way that I know of.  😀

I will say my hair has gotten stronger since using and I don’t loose as much as I used to while brushing.   Should it not work for you discontinue use (always use common sense if something is not working for you).

If you feel the need (for any of the no-poo method) to use a little soap, just add a SMALL amount of Castille soap to your mixture (about 1 teaspoon or less per cup–or play with it until you get what you like)
You can also add a little arrowroot powder and a tiny bit of brandy if you want to preserve it.  BUT some people find the alcohol too trying to be cautious of this. I like it with tiny bit to help preserve the mixture.