Reiki (sounds like ray-kereiki mastery) is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that may promote the body ability to heal itself.  It is also called energy medicine or energy work. It is generally practiced by the laying on of hands, but can be  applied just above the body and not necessarily even touching the person. Reiki has been practiced for thousands of years and can be learned by anyone. 
Rei- means Universal or Spirit or some people may say God. What this means is that this energy is everywhere and accessible to all.  Ki-means energy.  Chinese it is called Chi, in Indian it is referred to as Prana.
Reiki is not associated with any religion and thus anyone can practice Reiki as long as they are accepting to connect with Universe or Spirit. Reiki knows where to go and how to affect people so that we are simply the vessel in which it flows.  Think of a water hose, the water is there, it is the hose that simply is the vessel in which the water flows.
We do not own Reiki, as Reiki practitioners we must let Reiki do the work, not us. We must remain humble and accept that we are the vessel for which Spirit will work.
Reiki will never deplete your energy; Reiki fills the vessel first (think of the water hose) and then flows out to the other party. Reiki does no harm, but we still always seek permission and follow certain guidelines when giving Reiki.  If someone says that Reiki is depleting them, usually the question asked is did you get an attunement or did you ‘just practice on your own.’  Many people will just start doing ‘Reiki’ without an attunement, they are not truly doing Reiki, but giving their own energy and this is not healthy for them or the receiver.
Many people wonder, how is it that Reiki  can heal?  When we have blocks in our energy field the life force cannot flow properly. These blocks in the Ki (or Chi) can cause illness.  Stress can cause stuck Ki. Bad Relationships can cause stuck Ki, negative emotions, poor job satisfaction, etc.   These things can be conscience or subconscious.  Reiki can minimize stress, create better flow in Ki and thus help the body to heal itself more effectively.

Reiki does not cure dis-ease.  Reiki may help the body to cure itself, but ultimately it is the body’s choice to heal or to let go and move to transition.

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