Basic Ginger/Honey Elixir

Large Fresh Ginger Root (I try to peel the bigger pieces but I don’t get hung up on it, unless it is not organic then do the best you can and peel most of it)
Brandy or 100 proof Vodka.  You could use flavored Brandy if you wanted.
Organic Honey.  I use wildflower or any dark honey.
32 Mason quart jar (smaller jar for more medicinal properties).
Grate or finely chop the ginger (after you peeled it if necessary).
Fill the jar about halfway with Brandy or Vodka.  (Some people like vodka and some folks like brandy, I don’t get to bothered either way).  I don’t get too hung up on measuring things (unless it is a strong herb and I need to of course.)   A little less than half way is fine to fill with alcohol.  Then fill the rest of the jar (I leave room at the top for expansion about 2 inches or so) with honey.  I shake it when I remember.   I used a very large piece of Ginger, I didn’t skimp on it.  You could probably use a smaller jar and make it stronger if you want or need it to be more medicinal.   Play around and make it to YOUR liking!   I don’t believe there is a right or wrong way to do it.  If you want to add some fresh rosemary, or another herb (lemon balm may be nice) add that or make a few batches with different things in it.  You can experiment and have fun with it!
Label and date your bottle.  Shake, shake and shake some more until the honey and the alcohol ‘mix up’  I do not heat mine, I just shake, shake, shake.  When you like the taste strain it and use (probably around 4-6 weeks).  Don’t let the ginger sit too long as it can start to break down more than you may want.  
Uses: Add a little to teas, medicinal mixtures, cough remedies, circulation remedies, etc.  Or just add it to something for taste.  Drink a small amount before or after meals and this can help with digestion. 
Warning: Ginger may be too heating for some constitutions or in summer. Always consider constitutions,  medications, allergies, etc when using any remedy.
NOTE: If  you are sensitive to alcohol use apple cider vinegar and make an Oxymel. See this page for Oxymel recipe.
Even Ginger Tea is helpful before or after a meal to help with digestions.  Ginger is great to have around,
If you are sensitve to alcohol make an oxymel click here:
Oxymel Recipe
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