Dream Tea (or Dream Pillow)

Dried Herbs: Hops, Mugwort, Rose (tops) and Lavender (flowers)
These items can be purchased from Mountain Rose Herbs.
Mix up (dried herbs)
2 Parts Hops
1/8 Part Mugwort (optional can stimulate dream time)
½ part Rose Petals
½ part Lavender Tops
Mix well!!! Then place in a brown tea bag or a jar OUT of sunlight for storage.  Steep ½ teaspoon for a few minutes before bedtime (Note I do tend to use more, but please start small and don’t overdo it).  Strain and Enjoy. Remember …more is not always better!  And if you are sensitive to any of these herbs please use common sense and just don’t use them.  This can be great tea to help you relax and dream. It may help you remember dreams.
If you prefer NOT to use the tea, use the same proportion and make your own dream pillow. I  have one of these and I love it!  😀  Place it near your head at nighttime. 
Disclaimer:  Please use any and all herbs at your own risk, and if you ever have that feeling that something ‘is not right for you’ go with it.  Not all herbs are for everyone and some can be quite strong.  Enjoy!