Weedy Ferment


Ok let me be specific.  Please use only harvest weeds that you know are FOOD!!  And if you are not a forager, maybe now is the time you get with someone who can help you ID those pesky, yummy, nutritious, medicinal weeds!  BUT don’t use anything unless you really know what it is.  I know that’s no fun right, but you may thank me for that one later!   I could do a whole blog on just weeds, but I will spare you my rambling…..
For this ferment we are using a 32 ounce Mason Jar. If you use anything else you will need to adjust the salt for that vessel.
Dandelion leaf and flower tops
Just a few leaves of Yellow Dock (Rumex)
Salt (between about 3 heaping teaspoons or 1-2 small tablespoons—remember I don’t measure, I taste)
Peppercorns (a few)
Pepper (I wanted to taste the weeds as is, but if you want to add a pepper or some herbs or seasoning, have at it!  :D)
Mason Jar (read below for info on lids and fermenting top)
Fermenting Vessel:  For this we are using a Mason Jar, but whatever you personally ferment in is fine, again you will need to adjust the salt to suit you.  I do have a fermenting Crock but this time I used a mason jar a Recap lid, stopper and an S-Airlock (brew stores have these or online).  Here is the pic so you see.  This is an easy way to turn any Mason jar into a fermenting jar.

Picture of Weedy Ferment that I did! 😀


Harvest your weeds and rinse them off.  Chop them up (remember Sandor Katz says Chopper’s Choice) and add them to your Mason jar.  I chopped mine up pretty fine.  Add your salt and cover them with filtered water (this is called salt brine).  I add weights to keep the material in the salt bring. I use glass-fermenting weights. If you have a crock it has weights usually.  Ferment for 3 days or more. (Taste as you go). I typically do at least 7 days. Scrape off the top if you notice any oxidation or mold in the material and discard that please.  If this is your first time fermenting, I suggest getting Sandor’s book or video (oh heck get both) or if you are local and interested in a fermenting class gather a few friends and contact me!

I DO refrigerate my ferments after they are done. If you don’t like weeds maybe you don’t do this one to start with, maybe start with beets or kraut.  I mostly shared this because I know very few folks who do it and I wanted to throw it out there as an option. 😀
Some of my previous ferments include (but are not limited to)
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Wanna learn more? You can also Google Fermented, Cultured or Live Food but here are a few things I found to get you started.