Tree Essence

Like Flower essences that are made from plants, Tree Essence are made from Trees.  Not something commonly found at your local health food store, but as Trees stand tall an strong, these are something that can help promote your ethereal health or strengthen your spirit.  This is great as an adjunct therapy to conventional or alternative health care that you may be seeking.*
Flower and Tree Essence, should be done appropriately, and not just picking a flower shoving putting in water.  There is a particular ceremony or intent that goes with it (in my opinion)  and while many people do it differently, the important thing to remember is that respect and intention are important.  I never harvest anything from a tree or plant without seeking permission from it.
My Tree Essences (like all of medicine) are made with heart and intention and ceremonially prepared for the highest good of those who will receive them.  
My current list is …(Tree only, I do have other flower essence if you are interested just message me for that list)
Specify whether you want a stock bottle or a dose bottle (if you don’t know which email me to help determine your needs).
½ ounce amber glass bottle is $8.00 (plus shipping if you are not local).
Here is a short description. Please note that is one calls to you (even if you do not have an issue listed, this one is for you, trust your gut instincts)
Wild Cherry: Great for bringing for the…..(an issue or talent)….at appropriate time. I.e. creativity, information, bringing forth certain emotions and or showing who you are at the appropriate time.  (key here is that is brings things at the right time).
Tulip Poplar: Great for self esteem issues. Or can bring up hidden self esteem issues you didn’t know and help work through them. Have used for grief and sadness works well with Elecampane flower essences as well (I have that too).
Pine: Great for feeling of guilt or self-blame. Needing forgiveness of self or acceptance. Helping to get past of old memories where where you feel like you can’t forgive yourself.  
Red Maple:  Bringing into the root, (helps with root chakra) or grounding, knowing when to draw in and conserve. Connecting with Earth (useful when you feel like you need to be a turtle pulling into shell). Red Maple is great at opening closed chakras as well (all of them).
Sycamore: Great for feeling out of place, or like the outside of you doesn’t match the inside. When you are ‘not sure who you are…’ or ‘your world has been turned upside down by unexpected news that makes you question who you are.
Serviceberry: Great for cognitive issues or helping to think more clearly on an issue. Great for journey work or combined with Hoya Flower Essence for journeying or seeing better on an issue. 
Dogwood:  Great for pain in body or those that may lack grace or coordination. Also great for physical and etheric harmony. Can bring out ‘inner child’ in a person.
Magnolia:  Helps to process negative emotions so they don’t get stuck in the body. I use it when I feel like my emotions are getting stuck in my neck or back.  I also use it when balancing chakras as well Great for birthing (birth-workers great to add to your apothecary)  this means either physical or emotional.  Gentle and caring and works with you on issues you need to work out. 

*None of these statements listed below are approved by the FDA.




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