Animal Reiki

Sending Reiki to a groundhog recently, I clearly heard him say, “I cannot go back out there…”   Not only I am I a Reiki Master, but I am also a licensed (federal and state) Wildlife Rehabber.   Another Rehabber in another area contacted me and the topic of Reiki came up, I offered to send Reiki to her client.  Not only did I get information about the injuries (later confirmed by a veterinarian) of the critter, I sent information to him as well about why he was in care and help him to understand the scenario.  Also with this animal it also turned out the reason he did not want to go back to the wild is that at some point this animal had been kept as a pet and THEN—when they were tired of it—‘released him to the wild’ so he was never WILD to begin with.  Very sad.   As far as working with Animals and Reiki, this is not an unusual situation for me.   I have had many instances while working with animals over the years, where they have felt comfortable enough to communicate small bits of information that has help me be to be able to help them in their care.  This may not  happen to every Reiki practitioner, either, we are all different in our way of getting information while practicing.






Practicing Animal Reiki whether in person (near the animal), hands on the animal (when they are comfortable with it) or distance work, can be a great addition to your healing therapy.  Not only for you, but for the animals in your care.  Whether you have pets, work with animals professionally (wild or domestic), or just like to visit animals at zoo’s or in nature, Reiki can help you better serve the creatures of Earth. Reiki treatments DO NOT substitute for medical, veterinarian care, but certainly CAN help augment the care they are already receiving.  To find out more about Animal Reiki or to schedule a private or group class, please contact me today.  Please note I do not teach Reiki by distance. I only do in person classes and attunements.