Garlic Oil

I wanted to share how I make my garlic oil. This is something that most people have on hand all the time and so it is easy to have available.  Because garlic can be pretty heating, I make it a little different than some people.  I am not saying how other people make it is wrong and I am right or vice versa. This is just how I like it to be less harsh, personally.


I whole bulb of garlic
½- 1 cup of Olive oil–I  don’t really measure I just put enough in there to cover the garlic well.


I chop up a whole bulb of garlic and let it sit for about 10 minutes.
I add the garlic and olive oil in a pan.
I put these two in a double boiler (with your water in the bottom pan)
I put this on low to low med. Temperature.  WATCH IT at first make sure it is not too high.
I let this macerate on low for a while. I never really time it, I just smell and taste here and there.  It should be garlicky.  Don’t ‘cook the garlic’ per se.  just want a nice heat to infuse the garlic in the oil. 
Then I strain off the garlic and add it to a clean glass jar and put it in the refrigerator for storage. 
You could also just let the garlic sit in the oil and use solar infusion. Typically though when I need it, I NEED IT NOW, so this is what I do.  


I find it goes on nicely if it is refrigerated and I want it to last so I keep it in there.
I use this on the bottom of my feet at nighttime if I have a cold, congestion, or times when I feel icky stuff coming on.  I have even used it for allergies and sinus crud. I do this three nights in a row but for more severe issues, you can use twice or day and for longer. 


This is too strong for ear oil.   Ear oil (with mullein flowers and St. Johns Wort and garlic will have a lower garlic concentration)