Cayenne Pepper Oil

I wanted to share how I make and use cayenne pepper oil.   I really love this on muscles that are sore (or injured), and I also rub this on my back , belly, as well and when my gallbladder acts up I rub a little on there too. It feels awesome!  And if you make it real mild it is not overly heating and feels really good (even in summer).  There is tons of uses for this, so I am just mentioning a few. It was Dr. Christopher’s (one of at least) favorite medicines.


2 or 3 cayenne peppers (you could fresh dried powder 1 TBS  –get the powder from Mountain Rose Herbs don’t use old powder) *
½ cup of Olive oil. You don’t want it fire engine strong. So be mindful of that and keep an eye out.
* Note if you use powder use about 1 TBS of to same amount of oil. I also add cinnamon chips to my oil, but you don’t have to.  If you add this its is a very small amount.


I chop up the peppers and let them sit for about 10 minutes.  (you may want to use gloves if you like)
I add the pepper pieces and olive oil in a pan.
I put these two in a double boiler (with your water in the bottom pan)
I put this on low to low temperature.  WATCH IT at first make sure it is not too high.
I let this macerate on low for a while. I never really time it, I just watch it. It will be orange color.  (BE CAREFUL it could stain clothing, I never had that happen but you should be mindful of that)
Then I strain off the peppers and add it to a clean glass jar.  I add EO to mine recipe that is my own blend. If you are advanced in EOS you can try this (start with 1-2% that often is enough)
You could also just let the peppers sit in the oil and use solar infusion.  I have done this as well and it is very nice.


I don’t refrigerate mine, but you can if you like.  I use it quite a bit so it’s never gone bad sitting out (certainly if it does you want to discard it) or you may refrigerate if you like.
I use this on my back (around the kidney area), my knees,  and on my legs and feet for circulation.  I also use it on my lower abdomen for female circulation and my gallbladder area. Keep it away from your eyes, cuts, etc.  I have also added it to salve for muscle soreness or used it by itself for that. You could add a few drops of EO if you wanted, but I don’t, personally,  I like it plain.  
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