I am sharing my favorite recipe that I use the most, (certainly you can do many variations)  because I have so many people ask me all the time and I thought it would be easier to share here than type all the time.   

*I learned about this recipe for Fruit Kvass from Rebecca Wood (her site is please support her work.    I have been doing fermented foods for quite some time and so when I ran across the Fruit Kvass I knew it would be something I would like.  I now do mine a little different with ginger or turmeric bug added, but you can do it with our without. It will be Fizzy Fruit Kvass if you add the Ginger Bug, or regular if not.  😀 your choice.

I do MANY variations, including adding pine needles, hemlock needles, etc. 


Ginger Bug or Turmeric (about 1/4 of a cup or so)  (optional see note below)




Local RAW honey (yes it has to be raw)

Clean Mason Jar

Recap Mason lid or regular plastic lid backed off a bit to allow room to breathe.

S-lock and Rubber plug (or my friend Bonnie likes the perfect pickler)

Spring or Filtered water (I don’t use tap)

            *I grow or forage for my fruit OR buy organic 


Slice half of the apple (if you use a large mason jar you may want to use all of it) and Add it and the Strawberries and Raspberries (I like to smash them a little, but if they are frozen that’s ok)  to the clean jar.

Add 1 Tablespoon of honey, and then add your filtered water.  I shake it up really really, really well.

You can add a plastic lid and shake for a few days and then put your fermenting lid on, or just add your fermenting lid right at first. I have done both.

Ferment for about 3-8 days. (I usually do about 7 days, personally) or longer if you like. 

UPDATE:  If you want to do your fruit kvass first and then do a secondary fermentation with the Ginger or Turmernic bug that works too.  You may want to add a tiny bit of sugar for the secondary ferment (the sugar is not for you the sugar is for the ferment) 

Ginger Bug:

If you like it a little fizzy like soda then add a little Ginger Bug and then do the same recipe above.  I love this version!!!  This is how I make mine all the time now!  So a better title would be Fizzy Fruit Kvass (So I edited the title to reflect that. The picture below is a normal fruit kvass, not the fizzy fruit kvass. 

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