Are you cheating if you are an herbalist (or crunchy person) and you go to the Dr?  What about if you are a Dr. or a nurse and go to an herbalist?
I believe in Vitalism,  what does that mean?  Let food be our medicine.  Yes we should be looking at food, sleep and vitalism type therapies (which are not really therapies in my mind but common sense) for basic health and sustainment.  That’s where we should begin, but sometimes things happen and we need more care!
Sometimes we may NEED herbs, hydrotherapy, aromatherapy (in safe applications) and other natural therapeutics to help with our health issues, and help the vital force recover from an issue, or to support the vital force through an issue.
BUT SOMETIMES we need conventional medicine.  Yes I said it.  Sometimes you just need to get your ass to the doctor.  There is nothing wrong with that.   You are not ‘cheating’ you are not a bad herbalist (crunchy mom, etc)  if you go to the doctor.  It doesn’t mean natural therapeutics don’t work (but hell you need the damn arm set and in a cast). Big deal!!!   Just deal with it.  There are many reasons to seek medical care and don’t assume you can’t just because you want to be holistic. 
Don’t let dogma get you in a bind where you can’t be healthy.  I like what Paul Bergner says on that, ‘My Karma ran over my Dogma…”
NOW that said, sometimes conventional medicine is not working completely for you.  Or you want to find ways to reduce your medication and you know that a more holistic lifestyle may help. So you are not a bad conventional medicine person (nurse, doctor, etc) if you see an herbalist or other CAM professional.  Its fine we are not going to judge you.
Many (hopefully all)  if not most herbalist work with clients who are working along with their medical professional.
The point to this blog is, IT’S OK!!!  Don’t get excited, there is a place in this world for all of us!  We both have a reason to be here and there is no reason our paths can’t cross (and they should).  There is no line in the sand that says if you go doctor you are not an effective herbalist, or if you go to an herbalist you are not an effective doctor.
So the answer is no, you are not an bad X if you seek other care! There is no reason to limit yourself and  don’t be judgmental about choosing either method of care.  Do what is the highest good for your journey!
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 Maw-Maw Kelli