Maw-Maw Kelli, Herbalist

We all know we need to ‘Eat the Rainbow’.  The Creator has set for us different vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients in each of the colors of the rainbow in our food.  I am not going into a great deal on this information, but it is well documented and certainly well known by traditional herbalist long before science could even confirm.  I AM however going to give you an easy Rainbow recipe.  I got this idea after studying  Herbal Constituents: Foundations of Phytochemistry  through Lisa Ganora’s book on phytochemistry and getting a deeper understand of the different colors having different benefits for our bodies.  The information is very interesting!  I enjoyed it!
So let me continue,   I love peppers, and I love the different colors of peppers.  So I decided to to this Rainbow Pepper Ferment and I want to share it with you.   You can make this HOT with a small amount habanero and or jalapeno pepper BUT WEAR GLOVES!!!  Or you can leave those out and make it a more mild pepper ferment.   This is your choice, do what you will!
Gather and chop peppers from each of the color of the rainbow.  Add a pinch of mustard seed in the bottom if you like (will make it hotter so you can leave out if you want)
ALSO: Add a red Onion in with your colors and layer them according to the rainbow (or not I’m not the boss of you).






Make a salt brine and cover the ferment and allow it to ferment for the desired amount of time that you like.  If you have not fermented before you need to research this or even better Get Sandor Katz book on Wild Fermentation and or the Art of Fermentation.
Uses:  Use this in cooking, to make salad dressing, or add to salads etc.  Have fun with it!
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