ACHOO!  Herbs for Cold and Flu


If this class fills (like it looks like it will) I will add an alliterate date for the over flow and had the class again. 

Payment reserves your spot! 

Come learn about herbs and other natural therapeutics to help deal with winter issues like cold or flu (and talk about how cold and flu are vastly different). We will discuss preventatives as well. If time allows we will discuss hydrotherapy and a few essential oils for use (EOs are not the focus of this class) 

I have handouts as always and great notes. I will demo how to make an Oxymel and give a recipe for Fire Cider too.  We will be taste testing Oxymels too! 

Early Bird Rates: $25.00 of you register AND pay before 19 September. 
After that date or drop in (if there is enough space) is $30.00
Email: to confirm your spot.