time-travelImagine yourself walking through a magical forest with mythical creatures and exotic plants! Well that is the feeling you may get when your experience Botanical Perfumes. Botanical perfumery began to interest me around 2 years ago. I picked up a few books and just dove in.


I wasn’t really sure what I was doing but I knew I was willing to take time, think on it, play with scents, and forgive myself if I created something not appealing (and I did a few of those). I began to experiment with different essential oils and in the process I created my first marketable perfume, which later took on the name EarthKeeper (with the personal permission of Marina Raye, as it was named after one of her songs).

When I apply this blend, I have a personal vision that comes to me; I see a lady surrounded by closed canopy woods, she has a small earth like cottage with a sharp ‘A’ frame stone front with a heavy oak wooden door. Beautiful green moss is growing up the sides of the house. She is thin, with long silver hair. Her hair is thick and lustrous. The red and white oak trees surround her with a peppering of pine and a large Tulip Poplar that protects the house.


The small chatter you hear are the fairies and plant devas talking aloud in small voices background like two elder ladies gossiping at a coffee shop. The hawks fly above her head and the Broad Winged hawk calls, Pseeeeee-eh, as if it is calling her by name as it circles above in the air high in the air ready to make its migration south. I can hear the small creek in the background that runs near the house, the water running over the smooth small rocks that steady the waters.  Along the little branch, Amanita mushrooms popping up, and one little patch of Indian Pipe that happens to have the sun shining on it like an angel attempting to come forth and announce itself. This beautiful wonderful magical place is the time and place that EarthKeeper perfume takes me to.


Botanical Perfume in my mind, and more in fact MY mission, should bring us to a pleasant place in time. A travel through scent, botanical time travel to transport you to another place that brings up good memories or even takes you on mini vacation. Depending on the scent or the blend it may make you feel a little calmer on a stressful day. Maybe it may make you feel in standing in sunshine on a rainy or gloomy day. It is certainly possible that it may even a little more confident as you head out to that interview for that new job. You may find you have feel a little extra pep in your step after a tired day, or maybe you will feel a little frisky on the weekend with you mate. The blending of scents will do different things for different people and THAT is the beauty of botanical perfume, the fact that one blend can bring different thoughts, feelings and memories to different people. Want a little botanical magic in your life, or a mini vacation?


Apply a blend today and you may be transported back in time where you were a child chasing fire flies, or sitting in front of the fireplace on a winter morning.

Further Reading or Resources:

Jeanne Rose, Natural Perfumer Blending Workbook
Mandy Aftel, Essence and Alchemy: Natural History of Perfume
Angie Androit and Alyssa Middleton, Introduction to Artisan Perfumery