So let’s start with the second question first.  Why now?  Well really it’s NOT now.  Herbalism in some form has been a part of the people as long as the people have been a part of the Earth.  As far back as I know (and could be farther) My Great Grandmothers practiced Herbalism and other forms of Self Sustainability back in their day. In our case it was the Appalachian way (and not just in Appalachia for sure).  So you are not new on the scene to Herbalism.  You may think you are but generations and generations have come before you. So you do not walk this path alone.
But that leads us to the first question Why Herbalism? Maybe the question should be, Why not?  The more we are in control of our food (where it comes from) and our medicine (how its prepared, grown, etc.) and the more we know and understand what is actually going into our bodies and nourishing it, the better we are to help our bodies be the best they can be.  Now this doesn’t mean you will never seek medical care when needed, that is understood here. But what about when there is no Doctor available or medical can’t be sought?  Wouldn’t it be beneficial to have some skills?
Its certainly SEEMS more convenient to just buy everything at the store, but what if your local store closes?  What if you can’t get to the store because a disaster has occurred and you got heartburn something fierce (or God forbid, something worse)? What are you going to do? Your backyard could be your medicine chest, if you knew how to use it.

Getting with a local herbalist who can teach you local plants, trees and weeds as medicine is a great way to advanced your skills and know that the information you are getting is solid.

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