Can we Talk? 
It’s time we chat about self care. 

We are so busy these days. We OVER extend ourselves.  We over reach and often do too much.  And to be honest its glorified by the media and often is looked upon as a status symbol. I just posted a Meme on my Facebook page today about that and that particular post inspired me to do this blog (I did this first in a newsletter and decided to share it on the blog as well) . Well, let me say this. It’s all smoke and mirrors. Don’t fall for it.  We need time to tend to our bodies and our soul.  Take  at least 15 minutes every day and sit in nature or listen to nature sounds. This is the perfect time to also brew you a cup of nourishing herbal tea.  

I want you to take care of you! I want you to say no when you are doing too much or need a break. It is NOT a sign of weakness. You can’t take care of others if you are not taking care of yourself. 

So speaking of nature and tea tim this a great way to stop and take break and tend to yourself. Brewing a cup of nutritious herbal tea not only helps us get our vitamins and minerals but it makes you take a few minutes for you.  Brew tea, sit outside,  or turn off everything and listen to nature sounds (yes that means your cell phone too)

This is a tea I formulated and have been drinking for a long time. I recently sent it to some taste testers and got some great feedback, so I  made it available to the public for purchase. I did that because I want YOU yo be able to enjoy this tea like I do and more importantly I want you to tend to yourself and take care of yourself.  I honestly do care about each of you and I want you to be successful and that means you need to be nourished and healthy! 

The tea can be found here in the shop, or you can make your own, Just take care of you! 

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