What Herb is Good for That?

When people find out I am an herbalist, most of the time the first thing they say is ‘What herb is good for x’  And in most cases (unless it is something fairly simple) I say the same thing, ‘That depends on the person.’  I say that not because I am trying to be ugly or snotty, or anything negative. But I learned a long time ago, that it is more important to know the person that has the disease, than the disease the person has (thanks David Winston that has always stuck with me).

Its not enough to know a few symptoms. I like to sit down with people and do a full intake. I like to work with people one-on- one so that we can really go deep.  Not only to make nutritional suggestions, herbal suggestions, suggestions on exercise, stress management,  sleep, etc.  When you sit down with  a professional not only can you get an objective party to look at the situation as a gestalt, but you will also be more in control. Why? Because you will realize you have options that can make a difference,  and when you work with someone skills they can help guide you each step and offer support.  This can help people really succeed in their  health journeys.  

I cannot  offer professional, sound advice,  and really help that person the best, unless I can know a little about them, their allergies, medications, energetics or constitution,  their dietary and sleep habits, etc.

What I may suggest and support one person  on with a warm constitution most likely will NOT be be what another person,  with a cold constitution, would need.  Each of them are different and need different support as well. (So you could see where one herb wouldn’t be the magic pill for a certain disease state).

When you match the plant and foundational protocols to the person and help them with nutritional therapies, stress management,  help identify food allergies, or environmental allergies, etc, then success is more likely in the long run.
 I do NOT believe in using an herb (herbs) to cover up a disease condition. Although I will often use herbs in many cases to help get the ball rolling. I do, however,  believe in looking at the root and trying to work with herbs, nutritional strategies, and other basic therapeutics to create a better chance for the vital force (or inner doctor) to do its own  work. This helps people in the long run with a healthier lifestyle and better health to do more of the things they enjoy.
Be Blessed in ALL that you do and reach out to me for a strategy consult so see if I have resources to help you!
Maw-Maw Kelli

Kelli R. Hughart, M.A.Ed, Herbalist