Rainbow Root Ferment

Maw-Maw Kelli, Herbalist

Its very important to ‘Eat the Rainbow.’  Each color in fruits and veggies have different phytochemicals that are essential for good health.  Many years back I did a webinar series and studied in detail Herbal Constituents: Foundations of Phytochemistry (please support her work) through Lisa Ganora’s book on phytochemistry and the different colors having different benefits for our bodies.  So I wanted to create a an easy way for people to get these benefits and I created this recipe.  
This is a great way to eat the rainbow daily! I wanted to find a way to do this with more ease so I created this ferment. Certainly this is not the only way I ‘Eat the Rainbow’ but it’s a good way to get started.   Fermented food can not only help you with beneficial bacteria but eating the rainbow daily will help you get those needed phytonutrients that come in the different colors of the veggies (and you can add apples to sweeten this if you like)
Fermentation Vessel (mason jar and lid works just fine, or fermentation crock)
Purple Onion
Green Apple**
Salt (non iodized for this)
Cilantro (fresh)
** Optional–to sweeten if you like or leave this out if  you like but first time fermenters or people not used to eating fermented foods may find the apple helpful and makes it a little sweet)
 Grate or Chop (remember Sandor says choppers choice. I like to grate especially when I have apprentices to help me LOL) all the roots.
Sprinkle salt on the mixture allow to sit for about 20 minutesCome back and use your hands to ‘knead’ the mixture to release the moisture.
Then I place this in the fermentation vessel and fill the vessel with salt brine (if there is not enough of the natural liquid to cover it) and use a weight to keep the material below the salt brine.Rainbow-2BRoot-2BFerment2
Allow to ferment to your desired taste (at least 8 days–many people will go longer, the longer the better, I believe, but it is your choice).  Watch carefully, I take my finger and give it a swirl every day to keep mold from building up, that works well!!   Whatever you choose please be mindful so that no mold develops. If you are unfamiliar with fermenting familiarize yourself a bit. http://www.wildfermentation.com/
When you like the taste switch to another jar and store in the refrigerator.  Eat a few forkfuls with your dinner each evening. Its good for you!  Like this? Share it with your friends! 
Like this post?  Share it with your friends! 
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