goal-976853_960_720Are you working on new goals for the year? Most of us do try to make New Year’s Resolutions and Goals but most of us don’t follow through with them.  Well why? Not because we are lazy or not willing to do the work. but most of the time we don’t set SMART goals and so we have trouble attaining them.  So what is a SMART goal?

Let explore this further…..

S Specific!  A smart goal is specific!  You need to be clear, concise and specific with your goals and not general. I mean everyone ‘wants to be healthier’ what does that really mean to you?  Write it down and get specific.

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M Measurable?  Can you measure your goal?  How do you measure ‘I want to be healthier?’ It ca be different for different people, right? You need to have a way you can measure this goal in order for you to attain it.
A  Action/Achievable!  What action do you need to take to get to your goal? If you want to go from 40,000 dollars of income to 60,000 a year what action do you need to take to meet that goal?  Is it achievable?
R Realistic/Responsible.  Is your goal realistic? If you want to lose 100 pounds in a month is that realistic? (is it even healthy, be honest with yourself on this) You need to set goals that are realistic for you.   What is realistic to me in an area I struggle in may not be realistic for another person who excels in that area. Do  NOT compete with others, compete within yourself.  Are you responsible for your goal? It is hard to have a goal that you do not have any responsibility you  need to be responsible for you and your goals.
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T Time/Timely.  What is your timeline for your goal?  If your goal is to have your entire house de-cluttered and clean (deep down clean) what is your timeline for that to happen? If you don’t put a timeline on it, most of the time it  will NOT get done.
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