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(Originally Written for Crossroads Healing Magazine, Published on February 2016 Issue)
Walking into the toasty room that is known as the ‘snake room’, I see that Ms. Candy is in shed. It’s snake-feeding day; the day that I make sure everyone’s bellies are full. Everyone that knows me, knows how I love my snakes, and am very particular about them. While I am the room, I also change water, clean cages and do things that must be done when you tend to critters. Ms. Candy however is a bit grouchy, you see Ms. Candy Cane is a very sweet snake; she is named Candy because she is sweet and looks like a candy cane. She’s beautiful, excellent at Wildlife Rehab Education programs and pretty much lets any educator handle her. She’s very popular and everyone loves her and asks about her when she is not at programs. However, when she’s in shed, she’s a little grouchy.  She doesn’t see well, her skin is tight; she doesn’t really want to eat like normal, and often refusing to come out for food. Honestly, she just wants to be left alone to hide in her log.  She doesn’t do programs when she is in shed, nor greet visitors, since we know she doesn’t feel in the best of moods. When a snake is in shed, they are growing, and so of course going through shed is good for her and any snake, it’s a healthy sign of growth. She scrapes up against her favorite plant, the Camellia japonica, and it helps her let go of her old skin. As she pulls away form the shed, she leaves it behind, no longer needing it. When she comes out she is hungry, brightly colored, looking like a new snake. She’s ready to eat and is more like her normal, happy self only bigger and better.
Now, you may want to know ‘where are you going with this?’ Well, sometimes with growth you will be uncomfortable. You may not feel yourself, you may think during that time of whatever is going on, that it is forever. Maybe you don’t feel like you fit in your skin anymore and you wonder ‘how long will it last?’ Maybe you don’t see the whole picture. When you are going through change, you want to hide from the world, and not show yourself at all. When we look at change and growth like we see in with the snake we see that being uncomfortable is temporary, after the shed, we will look like new creatures. Temporarily the growth may not feel real good to us, but growth is necessary for us to come into the people we are meant to be. We don’t go back to our shed and ponder on it, we let it go and move forward. Growth can be painful in some cases, and for others growth its easy, for most of us, I would venture a guess, it is difficult.  But we have to try and keep our eye on the fact that it is temporary, and when we come out on the other side, we will be better, stronger people. That is what growth is about, being better than your old self!
What are some things that may be helpful to you in the process? Though it is a natural process and doesn’t always need ‘helped’ sometimes, a little help can make it gentler and make go smoother.
Here are some flower essences you may want to choose to help you with change, should you desire:
Tulip Poplar Flower Essence: I love this Tree Essence because it helps build confidence in areas that you may not have even known you needed. It’s a beautiful flower and the tree is nourishing and I believe those come through in the Flower Essence.
Magnolia Flower Essence: In the same family as the Tulip Poplar tree, this Tree Essence is great to help to keep negative emotions from sticking in area. I love it for people who get stressed and hold tension in lower back, neck, etc. I find this Tree Essence works well to lend a gentle hand to help process those emotional and help them to move through the body and not get ‘stuck.’
Red Maple Flower Essence: I love Red Maple for grounding and bring you back to a place where you can focus and feel secure. Connecting with Mother Earth. I think of a turtle pulling into her shell for a temporary time until you are ready to come out and when you do you are strong.
I am now doing snake shed essence.  I am enjoying working with it and I think it could be an awesome thing for people who need to work through this type of feeling.

These are just a few I like. You can find all of these Tree Essence and more at

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About me: Kelli Hughart Armes AKA Maw-Maw Kelli is native-born Appalachian girl that grew up in the hills of WV riding motorcycles and playing in creeks.  Commonly referred to as ‘Wild Woman’ She is a Reiki Master/Teacher, Community Herbalist,/Educator  Health Coach, Forager, Perfumer, Aromatherapist, Flower Essence Practitioner, and Federal/State Licensed Wildlife Rehabber. With a Bachelor’s and a Master’s Degree, she is a student of life and enjoys talking to plants, trees and animals. She also enjoys teaching and practicing Martial Arts and is a 4th Degree Black belt.