This blog can be a tool in tool in changing your health. It may not be about food or herbs, but we are a whole person remember?  It’s something that I’ve been doing for the past few weeks in the physical form in the past two years  (or so) in a relationship form.
Lets talk more about this.    What I mean by in the physical form is going room-to-room, cabinet-to-cabinet, drawer-to- drawer and actually physically decluttering! So I am getting rid of old stuff and stuff that doesn’t serve me anymore. Everyone has that junk drawer and the stuff in there that you’ve had for years you don’t ever touch it (hell you are afraid to put your hand in there) you don’t ever use it,  you don’t even need to have that crap in there anymore.  Am I right? Well unfortunately for me I have more than one junk drawer and I have some cabinets as well.
For the past few years, I have been decluttering (little by little) non-physical things.  So I have been examining relationships, things I am doing in my life that no longer serve me, or that in my case as someone with a Familial Nervous System Disorder actually harming me.   Now this can actually be harder to do than getting rid of old clothes or crap in a drawer, but for me it was either do this or never get completely better. Even with holistic practices, herbs and whatnot I still was hitting a wall that I could not get over to regain my full health (ANS disorder). I even broke down and saw MD (they admitted they couldn’t help either) so,  had no choice but to go to a deeper level in my care and examine more possibilities.  I am a ‘save the world’ type of person that tries to do it all, but I was not helping myself.  And you must take care of yourself before you can take care of others (self care 101).
Many folks will go through and do decluttering for many different reasons. Maybe they’re looking to energetically free up some space and feel lighter. Maybe they are looking for more abundance in certain parts of their life so they feel like they have to get rid of the old so that the new can come in. Or maybe they have too much stress and want less to focus on so they can relax more.  Gosh I am sure there are other reasons people declutter that I don’t even know about.
In my case I started doing this for strictly and purely for health reasons I could see that so many people were pulling me in so many different directions and I honestly was being compromised, spiritually, emotionally, and physically. So I had to start saying NO to people and had to start allowing friendships and activities that no longer served me to fade into the background.
I’m still going room to room and decluttering I’m still working on that and I’m still writing down places in my life where I can say ‘this is not healthy for me’ or ‘I need to move on from this relationship. Or even, move on from an activity that no longer serves me.  Now, it’s a slow process but I can tell you that if you venture out into this world of decluttering, in the long run it will serve you well. So well in fact, that you will wish you had done it earlier.  Start with something that doesn’t ‘freak you out’ like the junk drawer (insert evil laugh here, you know you got one don’t lie!
You don’t have to start with relationships and activities like I did.  BUT it is going to bring things to your life that you never thought about.  You will likely (after the uncomfortableness of the doing it passes)  will feel emotionally and physically  better. Honestly, I bet  you will wish you did it earlier, like I did!
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