Easy Essential Oil Cleaner

1 Cup of White Vinegar
1 Cup of Vodka
Orange, Lemon or Tangerine Essential Oil
In a spray bottle add 1 Cup of Vodka and about 10-15 drops of your Essential oil. I use closer to 10 there is no need to make it very strong.   More is not better.    Then add in your White Vinegar and shake well.  Yep, its that easy.  (Tip make sure to keep your citrus oils in the fridge so help them last longer).
Uses:  I use this for countertop spray and glass as well, I have not used ‘standard’ household cleaners in about 20 years.   Homemade cleaners are healthier for you and your family.  You may add water if you want to make it stretch further but I don’t.
If you have cats or sensitive individuals  (including elderly, pregnancy or babies or other sensitive people) be mindful and do not spray around them please.
Please note I have another recipe that uses orange (or lemon) peel instead of EO’s you can find that here:
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