Well, you know me… 

And so you know that I take great pride in my work AND that I am environmentally conscious and use only ethical sources of Essential Oils and carrier oils (organic). 

So when my suppliers of Essential Oils raised their prices I thought what in the world am I going to do?   So I thought long and hard about this …..    I mean you and I know raising prices doesn’t set well with most people. But I realized and said to myself,  crap Kelli — I don’t sell to most people.  I sell to people who are like me to who CARE about ethical practices, ethical sourcing and who like me buy from companies who promote ethical usage.  

It takes a long time to handcraft and design my original Botanical Perfumes  and a portion of all of my products goes to support causes I believe in.  Not to mention that they are not TOXIC like the junk you get in stores so they are better for your health, I knew that you would understand why I had to raise my prices a bit. 

So here’s my deal for you.  You can order them now at the current price before 20 March and if you use coupon code freeship3 you will get free shipping too!

Click Here  to buy now!  —–> https://www.mawmawkelli.com/#!perfumes-and-essences/c1yl4