If you are a ‘care for others’ type of person like myself, then you may think you have your life in balance when it comes to self-care. But I am here to challenge you today on that.   Let’s stop and examine the continuum. So, you think you are balanced and in the middle,  but let’s look closer shall we?  If you’re somebody who always tends to people (that means cares for them) and rarely take time for yourself, your continuum probably looks like this (or even farther to the left).


Selflessness                                    Balance                                   Selfishness


So now is that balanced?   No!!!   So what we want to do is move towards balance so you actually have to be a little more selfish and do more self-care so you can be more balanced.   This often means using the word no when you are asked to do something.   If you don’t keep balance, you may find that you will start to see symptoms and signs of illnesses, tiredness or myriad or other issues because you are out of balance on your own self-care.

So we move towards being a little more selfish (and practicing better self care) to balance out the continuum.   So this is not going occur over night but this is something that I want you to think about. Just let it sit in your gut and please don’t say no right away. Let’s find ways little by little to put it into practice.


So if we work on this and we want to strive for this then this is a better reflection of the continuum. Now doesn’t that look more like balance in our life?


Selflessness                           Balance                                  Selfishness


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