Can You Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

Don’t be scared be prepared!



Yes I said it! Come on you know you wanna know the top habits to survive right? Do you have these skills? Do you know enough people to gather together to survive? Get your private Zombie approved list together now. Get your meeting started now!!  As you gather your list find out who is going to specialize in what!   I got my folks and we are READY !  <wink>


  1. You gotta know you plants, trees and weeds for local medicine. I mean let’s face it who know how long you are going to be stuck in a remote area and have to make medicine. Duh, you gotta know this!
  2. You gotta know how to use a knife and let’s face it, a gun and a hopefully crossbow too, like Darryl!   I mean can you use each one of those?  If not you don’t know, you best start practicing, I mean the virus could strike tomorrow. Why ain’t you prepared?
  3. Water and Food storage. Do you have the skills to filter water? What about storing water and food?  Do you have root beer cellar (that’s what Tristan calls it) ? Uh hello there are only so many weeds out there. You need food storage!
  4. You NEED to grow your own food! That could mean meat, grains, fruits and veggies. You may want to look more into what foods you want to grow so you will have them ready and know how to be successful with them. Need a pond? Build one. Need an aquaponics, well you better get to crackin! You never know when this is gonna hit!! A small yard can grow more than you think. And don’t forget your spices and stock up on salt!  Zombies may be out there now! EEEEKKKK  what you waiting for?
  5. Make alcohol. Can you make your own alcohol? Let’s face it you can use this to make medicine AND to barter with others!!!    Where is your moonshine still? Lol You better start watching Moonshiners so you can learn right quick!

neck knife

Disclaimer the information contained here is for informational purposes only and honestly is supposed to be amusing, yet informative. Like this Post? Share it!

Now, go bing watch The Walking Dead now…  lets brush up on what we need to be working on now!