Three Non-Food Items to Avoid

I call these non-food items; some people have different names for them, like hazardous ingredients. You may think they are food because they come in items that may present as food, but they are not. They are non-food items and should be avoided.   Now before you read further, this list is bigger then three. For me, simplifying things and starting in ‘threes ‘is more digestible (pun intended).   So, I am only going to mention three of these in this post.  I go into greater detail in my Integrated Wellness E-Course. I know advanced medical doctors who agree and with and teach these as non-food items as well (although they may use differently terminology).  Not that said,  I am not a medical doctor nor do I play one on TV. I am an herbalist and health coach and have years of training and knowledge.  and I am just giving you this information from an educated view.   You may choose your own path. My family and I do not consume these items.

  1. Artificial Colors. Sadly these are in quite a few foods that are geared towards children. They do this so that you think red is fruit and that the item contains fruit and often they do NOT! Many children’s breakfast cereals contain artificial food coloring. Not a great way to start our children’s day.   Some complaints people have with consuming this non-food item are: migraines or other headaches, focus issues, hyperactivity, and MORE!
  2. Artificial Sweeteners.  These are not just in diet drinks, even your child’s cough medicine or antibiotics can contain these in them! Even most chewing gums have this in it. So beware of that! These can cause nausea, cramping, throwing up, joint aches, headaches, neurological issues and MORE!   Don’t ‘test’ someone who says they are allergic by putting this in their food, that my friend is assault.
  3. MSG-Monosodium Glutamate. This one is probably the most difficult to avoid. It comes under so many different names that are hard to know. Its used as a flavor enhancer. From protein shakes to EVEN some vaccines. Some symptoms may include, sweating, chest pains, respiratory issues, headaches, nausea, and MORE!

Please educate yourself, don’t blindly trust the media to tell you something is safe. When I was in my early 20’s I discovered my personal allergy to artificial sweeteners immediately by regurgitating after consumption. I was also introduced to a food diary/symptom journal and I can tell you my body TOLD me FAST that I had issues with artificial food coloring as well –migraines are no fun right? So these are two simple examples where I listened to my body and an advanced MD suggested the diary/symptom journal (which at that time was rare, and still is) and I have used this method for my clients as well because it WORKS!

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