This course is all about BALANCE!   This is an 8 Module E-course 13 week course.   In each module there are several sections.  It also includes SEVERAL Bonuses and lots of resources to help you along the way!!!  The downloads and resources alone are worth the cost of this course.

I am  a Professional Health/Wellness Coach, Reiki Master/Teacher and Professional Herbalist/Aromatherapist. I have years of holistic experience AND lots of specialized and advanced education that is going into this E-course!  I am not a ‘hobbyist’   I get paid for my work!

I packed  A LOT of resources and information into this course!  It is VERY comprehensive.  Imagine 20 plus years of experience going in to this!!!   Not only that,  everything in this course I practice, I WALK THE TALK!  I am a real person with real challenges, but I never give up and I overcome my challenges!!!   I am passionate about health.  Hundreds of dollars in resources are going into this course PLUS thousand of hours of my personal experience here, and lots of it!

Help your ‘inner doctor’ (the vital force) work properly.  Achieve your health goals so you can live your passion!!! Lifetime enrollment and support in FREE Facebook group!!!  This is a work at your pace course, but you do need to put one foot in front of the other!  No fad diets, no cleanses,  no pills, wraps, cleanses or detoxes.   Those of you that know me know how I feel about those.

I’m tired of Yo-Yo diets, I’m in

This is a great home study course to improve your health and wellness and it CAN work for you! AND IS NOT COMPLICATED!!!  If you choose to work it you will feel better!  Guess what that means? You have to put the concepts into practice and be accountable to you. You are not accountable to me only to you!!!

toby copy 2

I suggest and live the ‘the box turtle method‘ (slow and steady), use the tools, videos, and support group to help you and improve on what you know.   Come back again and again to this course because you will learn something different about yourself each time you do it.

I will add bonuses as we go along so keep this course bookmarked so you can benefit from them as well. (I mean who doesn’t love free bonuses right?) I know I do!

Is this course for you?  Well are you ready to put easy concepts into practice for lasting health?  Are you tired of yo-yo diets?  Tired of ‘cleanses or detoxes’ that work temporarily and then you are back to the old ways?  This is not a cleanse, detox, nor a smoothie course.  This is NOT a fad diet system, These are solid principles.   In this course we will look at nutrient dense foods, easy ways to choose those foods, without having to spend tons of time learning nutrition. We will look at healthy overall eating and lifestyle practices that work and this will be your foundation for health.  You choose the healthy foods for you!

No crazy detoxes or cleanses? Finally!  I’m In 

BUT we go beyond just nutritional therapies,  in this course, it is designed for people who think that eating healthy is expensive or difficult. Its also for people who need a more well rounded approach to health and wellness (looking beyond exercise to relationship balance and even self care in your life). This course will help you to understand basic principles and make your grocery shopping easier and help you look at your life from a different view to help you determine what may be draining your energy or vital force and ways to slowly initiate changes to fix that and get on the road to feeling better fast!

If you only do a module a week plus the bonus modules that comes to very small cost per week. That for a lifetime of lasting change is well worth it!  

Topics include (but are not limited to) 

  • Goal setting
  • Finding your weaknesses with the wellness wheel
  • Staying on track
  • Healthy eating made easy. No fads
  • Label reading and grocery shopping
  • Sleep
  • Social and emotional wellness
  • Wellness sabotages and dealing with the Gremlin that stops you from achieving your goals
  • How to get back on track if you fall.
  • Nature therapy and MORE!  
  • Fruit Kvass how to,  and inexpensive ways to get nutrient dense food.
  • You get tons of resources, downloadables worksheets and notes,  as well as videos, and resources to help you along the way,  
  • FREE Facebook support group (fi you choose to join I don’t add anyone unless they ask)

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Wow you have a lot of resources here that are very helpful, thanks so much!  M.B.

Kelli helped me with me get through a lot and as a college student, learning how to take care of myself has been essential. K.S.