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Is what you see on TV accurate?

Do you have areas where you and your health shines and have some areas where you feel like you are in quicksand or muddied waters? Or maybe you feel your entire health situation is cloudy and you need clarity and not sure where to start? Well a health/wellness coach is for you! I have been doing health coaching informally for a while now (I didn’t even know it had a name lol).  I have been studying holistic principles for 20 plus years now.   More recently I saw the need to offer my services to more people. Why? well I saw a lot of fad diets, and other poor information that was floating around out there on social media and it made me concerned for people getting poor information.  A health coach will help you look into yourself, walk with you through the muddied waters and find out what is going on so that you may come out on the other side. Let me explain further.

A health coach is an individual is more than just an accountability partner, but has SKILLED training in nutritional therapies, lifestyle changes, and comes equipped with tools that help you find your way through that murky water that that is stopping you from better health.   This person goes beyond educating you and gathering information on healthy lifestyle; they help with motivation, offer encouragement and help you to develop the skills to stay on track for your own wellness. Often people with Chronic Illness can find the most help as a coach can go into more detail and spend more time with them, than just a on time consult. 

A coach helps you to be in charge of your own health and accountable to you. They do not do for you, but coach you and help you along the way to do for yourself and provide resources, solid education and empowerment to ‘get ‘er done.’ So what this does is makes you more independent and leads to lasting results and not temporary results.

You will not ‘need them’ the rest of your life as they will help you to build the skills and have the tools to get independent. These tools should they put them into place will bleed over to other areas of their life and they will find more and more success in the things that they do. They may hold your hand at first, but you will eventually be on your own have tools to get the rest of the way.

A true health coach does not bully you, yell at you, nor talk down to you to get you to make life changes. Fear is a temporary motivation!  You may see this on TV and if you follow those shows most all the participants go back to their unhealthy lifestyle AFTER the show ends. A true coach treats you with compassion, and kindness, and helps find your strengths and build on those strengths. They have no agenda of their own, but they are supporting you in your journey, not trying to get you to live like them. A health coach understands that what foods may work for them may not work for you and will help you to find your own way while teaching solid, science based principles, and encouraging critical thinking skills so that you can evaluate any new diet or product that comes along and not be on the fad diet yo-yo.

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