Letter to Lil B

wirte a note to bookerMy daughter is having a baby!   YAY!!!  Its gonna be any day now.   At the baby shower, we were asked to write a note to baby B, which I think is an awesome idea. I didn’t write my note then, I knew what I wanted to say, but I knew I wanted more and I didn’t want to be married down to just these words. I wanted to sit on it and really think about it more.  

And even here now I don’t want this to be the only thing to say. There are never enough words to say when a baby comes. A baby is a blessing on so many levels.   I was taught that before the soul comes to earth it is basking in the rays of Godliness, and that they soul chooses the family it wants to be a part of. That can be hard for some of us to reconcile, I know.   But in this case I am excited that we were chosen and blessed beyond measure. 

So what do I want for Lil B? Goodness and Godliness of course, a happy life full of joy, great health and abundance….. so here’s my letter:

Booker, gosh I can’t believe my dream was true. I actually knew about you before your momma did, hey your Mawmaw is a special kind of crazy, which you will find out.   So you will need someone to play in the mud with.   You got it. You wanna catch fire flies? (we gotta let them go afterwards) but you got it! You wanna climb trees? Lawd have mercy you gonna give Mawmaw Kelli a heart attack, but we gonna do it anyway you gotta have fun you know and can’t be afraid of every little damn thing. 

We gonna go down to the fishin’ hole, play in the creek, play in the snow, run in the wildflowers, talk to the stars too! Whatever you wanna do, baby, we gonna do it!   Now Maw-Maw Kelli don’t know nothing about no technology, so you gotta learn me on that one.  

Now we ain’t gonna eat a bunch of junky foods, now, that’s not what healthy bodies are built of, but we will still have a treat from time to time and I will teach you how to eat weeds too!  We will sit and listen to the red tail hawk, the squirrel barking at the black snake and so much more.  Let’s dig for worms and  look for possum tracks too. 

So many things we are gonna do, we are gonna have ourselves a ball, grandbaby, don’t you worry I got you if you fall!!

Here’s my theme song to you and all of your siblings that come along behind you!  I can tell you that the world can be hard, but I know that day it will all turn around!




Love Maw-Maw Kelli