(Well anyone really, but that doesn’t sound as good as a title)

I think we all know that investing in our health is important. I mean we rotate our tires on our car, change the oil regularly, etc. Heck some of us even shine the tail pipes on it. Oh, is that just me? Well, the point here is that we spend money on our car and keeping them running well, but we often forget to invest in our own health.  Hey I am with you, sometimes we get busy and life happens!!! 

But that said, I am a firm believer that food is our medicine. Our children need nourished but SO DO WE!   So while these foods should be for anyone, if you are over 30 or 40 and you are NOT thinking about your health and your nutrition its time to start.  

Berries– I fruitknow I sound like a broken record to anyone that knows me, but you need to consume berries. Blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, etc. Berries are so good for you. Plus they are berry good lol. Oxidative stress is hard on the body and getting a good source of antioxidants daily is very helpful. You can add them to smoothies if you like, or mix frozen berries with a little milk and its like cream. Add to yogurt etc. (sign up for the newsletter for yummy recipes to help you get more berries in your diet). 

Fish– Omega 3’s that are found in fish are AWESOME! This means clean fish and not farm-raised fish. Salmon and fresh water fish are your best choice for this.   Look for a clean source of fish, and if you can’t eat fish,  and you may want to consider an Omega 3 supplement like Nordic Naturals or Moss Nutrition Icelandic Fish oil as well. 

Greens– Mom always said, eat your green, child!   Well green are good for you.  Kale, swish chard, collards, spinach,  (all of the deep leafy greens help your nourish your body and provide zeaxanthin which is important for healthy eyesight) but that’s not the only thing they are good for certainly.  You can often grow these green in your back yard and bam you have a cheap and organic source for yourself. They are easy to grow! 


Certainly there are more than just these foods, but hopefully these will get you started and get you thinking a bit about ways to get better nutrition in your body. Want to invest in your health? Changing your health for the better can help you do MORE of the things you love!   CLICK HERE to learn about resources to help!  

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