Use Coupons and don’t forget them at home. lol  I don’t use coupons, but I know people like them so yeah do as I say not as I do. giggle.

Go Meatless a few times a week to save money. There are a few great books out there for great meatless meals that you can make healthy. yum.

Shop Discount -Costco or Sam’s, or other discount places often have organic items. Make it in route to another chore so you don’t go out of your way and burn more gas (which costs money)

Meal Planning  Plan our your meals and just shop for what you need that week

Keep track.  Keep track of what you buy  and do inventory before you go to the grocery store. If you have cheese, don’t buy more.  This happens to me a lot hence the reason I mention it I end up for 4 bags of blueberries when I only needed 2.

Shop the sales keep sale flyers handy, or use an app,  and get what is on sale, you can always freeze, can it, ferment it etc.

Limit eating out –A lot of the grocery budge goes to eating out, meal planning can limit that. Mark your calendar each time you eat out and then you can see how much you are really spending and find ways to lower that number each month! 

Crock Pot It-Try crock potting to limit eating out, save time, and to combine ingredients in a soup or stew that may be ‘stragglers’ so nothing goes to waste.

Grow It.  Growing  deep leafy greens in the back yard or even ‘salad bowl’ inside is a great way to spend less money and have greens more often.  A large round pot inside can be a great way to supplement your groceries.  Its super easy and if you have kids let them help, they love to grow things. Herbs,  too,  are easy to grow. Try small pots in the window sill, or a patio, whatever works for you.

You can also, plant a berry bush of some sort.  Raspberries, Blackberry, etc. Look up what grows in your zone and have at it.   Again planting a few things in the back yard or patio can be a great way to supplement and have quality food for less.  Kids love to grow things so you can get the kids involved  and have a fun activity.  😀   Resource: Four Square Gardening at your local library is a great book to get you started.  Don’t have a back yard, a patio can work many folks grow things inside in there kitchen.  Just get creative here!


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Don’t go the store hungry!.  So grab a drink and get a nice  healthy snack before you go!

List it Make a list and stick with it. According to a recent article I read, people spend 32% more at the store because of impulse buying.  So making a list and keeping track of what you have can help!

Shop the perimeter.  Besides healthier, processed food is expensive, so you can save by shopping the perimeter of the store and you will find you eat better and feel better too.  (subliminal message inserted here… just kidding)

Leftovers we throw out a lot of food, Use leftovers as breakfast or for your lunch.

Do your own cutting up Many things like fruit, and veggies you can save money on,  if you buy and cut up yourself and combine them.  So doing some meal prepping, again, can save you in the long run.

Order through CLICK-LIST etc  Ordering through your local grocery store and then picking up saves you time (time is money) saves you from impulse buying (about 32% of our grocery bill is impulse buying) and you can shop the sales easily.  While you are relaxing watching your favorite TV show you can get your order in, and then pick it up on your own schedule.  Many grocery stores do this now and you save time.

Here is a set up of a ‘salad bowl’

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salad bowl salad bowl