Spice up your Smoothie

Maw-Maw Kelli, Herbalist

fruit smoothy

So many people like smoothies. Green ones, purples ones, weedy ones!

And to be honest from time to time I drink them too. I am the person who likes the weedy one!

99% of the time I use weeds. Here’s a video link to that here

Now let’s face it, most people don’t use weeds, so you can use what you want, but what I DO want to encourage you to spice up your smoothie. 

Why spice it up?  Smoothies are cold and a lot of people already have cold digestion or slow digestion,  and putting cold liquids on an already cold digestion, is not helpful!  So what do you do if you like them? Its easy, spice it up.  

Some reasons your digestion may be cold (or even slow) cold drinks all day long  dampen the digestion fire.  Stress, the food you eat, medications, and age  also causes the  digestion to get slower.

So this is very easy to do, add about two thin slices of fresh Ginger root and or few slices of fresh Turmeric root to your blender when you making your smoothy.  (I use a Vitamix but many people like the Ninja).    You don’t need a lot a little bit goes a long way, again a few thin slices generally are enough.  

So the next time you make your smoothies spice it up!!!!

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