(Prime Time Health E-Workshop with Dr. Sears Wellness Institute)

Who am I? My name is Kelli Hughart (or Armes) I have been studying holistic principles for 20+ years and have been teaching herbalism for many years as well. I am a certified health coach with the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute. . I teach vitalist principles, let food be our medicine!

My full Curriculum Vitae can be found here https://www.mawmawkelli.com/index.php/2010/04/17/my-education/

What the workshop IS:

  • Filled with practical solutions for parent to help you live and live well into retirement
  • Help remove waste from your waist and how belly fat is a strong indicator of overall health
  • Interactive and fun and very informative, based on the nobel prize work that your body makes its own medicine
  • Packed with resources and education to help you make health your hobby and feel better about your Prime Time years!

I’m IN

What its NOT:

  • Boring Lectures or FAD diets
  • Cooking lessons for tofu seaweed
  • Calorie or point counting system
  • Physical exercise regime that take up too much time from your day.

You will learn:

  • Solid, sound health principles based on science and not FAD!
  • Reduce your waist and what causes inflammation in your body.  
  • Open your internal pharmacy.
  • Sipping Solution and grazing principles
  • Getting the most our of Movement and MORE! 

Awesome I wanna take this Class! 

How many hours a week is this course? That can vary with the amount of time you spend in the message forum. Video portion can vary by topic but is about 1-2 hour a week. Discussions and sample recipes can depend on you your interactions.   You are NOT overwhelmed with material, just you are given the amount you need to make changes at your own pace! Interacting helps you to solidify the principles! So we want you to interact and go deep!

We also want you to be hands on and take action but this is done at your own pace so you are not under pressure to keep up with  Weekly conference calls are an hour typically. So plan to spend 2-3 hours a week in the education portion and then interaction and activities will depend on you. But its not boring information, its practical you can start incorporating these principles right away. 

What if I go on vacation and miss a week? No worries. This is self paced, you can watch the videos over and over and if you miss a week, the material is still available. So you have access to it week 1 doesn’t disappear when week 2 begins. The schedule is flexible.

What’s the Course layout?

Each week there is an interactive videos in the course. There are file downloads with resources and a recipe for each week for you to try.   The message forum is there as well for you interact with your peers and your facilitator.  There are weekly conference calls that will be recorded for you to listen to as well to help understand the material.

Will this match my learning style? We offer videos, conferences calls, activities and reading material to help match your learning style. We know when you experience the material and not just ‘hear’ it, meaningful learning takes place.

Do I have access to the instructor? Yes, in email, the forum and in conference calls you will have access to me. I am here to help you should you need clarification on a topic or are having an issue with the material; you are not on your own!

Do I have access to the material after the allotted time?  You typically have access to the course a few months after your enrollment as well. Its not lifetime access though. But you can download many of the materials and have them on your computer.

Are there physical materials that are mailed to me? No, everything you need is online you may purchase any materials you wish,  through your Coach if you want to have them.  

Is there a FB group? I like interacting on Facebook. Yes I have a private group set up for this workshop for people who like to use social media! (You have to ask to me to add you though I don’t just add people without consent. 

How long is the course?  This course is a 5 week course with two sessions in each week.  

I want to not just live, but live well in my Prime Time Years!