1440! You’ve heard it probably by now. But do you really think about it? There are 1440 minutes in a day.   We all get 1440 (G-d willing of course). What do we do with it? I recently read a book about the idea of mastering your minutes by Kevin Kruse. You can find him HERE. The title is Fifteen Secrets Successful People Know about Time Management.



I loved the book,  it was quite interesting and compelling. It really helped me to look at all the BS I called important (that totally wasn’t) and still I fall back into that BS, I ain’t gonna lie about that hey, I am human. But I have a printout now that says 1440 on my frig and the tips he suggest in the book printed out too.   I really try to stay focused on the idea of 1440 and really try to manage my time better.

One great thing I took away was a hard stop on my day. My phone now goes off at 6pm. That gives me a chance to wind down, spend some time reading, getting my exercise in, etc. We ALL have 1440, its what we choose to do with that and how to really arrange our time so that what we do is more effective. I think its pretty much about working smarter not harder. So I ‘time block’ now and have an MIT daily (Most Important Task) that I do. You know your health is more than just food, its daily balance, exercise, relationships and more. So while I work on my 1440 and try to really master my minutes, I hope you will think about what you are doing with your 1440 too. We all have the same amount, for real.


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