2016 … A year in review!


I have thought a lot about what I have learned in 2016. The most important part of 2016 was the blessing of our grandbaby Intybus (nickname). I never knew there was a place in my heart missing until he arrived.   Hard to put into words, but I did do a blog if you would like to read my letter to him.   That was the BEST thing in the whole world!!!


Did you know that I have a fear of heights? YEP HUGE FEAR!!! This year I conquered that. It took me years to get up into a tree stand Daddy and I put up a few years ago. I knew I wanted to conquer that fear, but it took me a while to do it. I was scared to death but I did it anyway!!! You know  Its never too late to conquer a fear. Don’t give up,  I didn’t and boy am I glad!!!!   if I can conquer that fear you can conquer one too! I believe in you!!!


I spent a lot of time this year working on my website and on E-classes. That was hard for me since technology is not a gift of mine.   So the website is updated and you now have access to my E-courses because of my ‘yes I can’ attitude. I hope you have benefitted from those course, or other electronic things I have created.   that was very hard for me to to, but again I didn’t give up!!!


I created a few more botanical perfumes, This was another challenge for me, but again I didn’t give up!!!  If you know me you know love doing those and I am looking towards to doing more in 2017.  . Candy Cane is a favorite and that’s named after one of my snakes!  You can check those out here.


2016 took a lot of musicians I love and ‘Princess Leia’ which I grew up with. Her character was a different kind of princess, taking on the ‘dark side’ and not giving up.  Do you see a theme here.  (hint don’t give up).  This past year has been saddening for my generation and this certainly topped the cake for me.  But let’s try to move forward and use the idea of never giving up and calling on support when we need it.  ‘Help me  Obi Wan Kanobi… You’re my only hope!


So with that said….  Life is short!  Conquer your fears, don’t give up,  enjoy every blessing!!!  I pray that you find a way to do what you love and if you have fears that are holding you back that you find a way to conquer them! Don’t give up!!!! 


My prayer for you in 2017, that you will Be Blessed in all you do!


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