When we talk about gut health one thing that people never consider is stress.    Maintaining a healthy gut is important as holistic practitioners, like myself, believe that many of health conditions begin in the gut. So when  a practitioner sits down with a client, they look at the person as a whole, and  looking at gut health and trying to improve that is always a goal.

We know that poor diet and medication can affect gut health, as well.  But often what people do not consider is STRESS.  I feel like this one get missed quite a bit.  We know stress can affect other parts of the body, but often GI health is not considered, or accidentally overlooked.

Stress does affect gut health and so of course this is another reason we need to address our stress and look at the person as a entire being (again I like to look at the gestalt) and offer tips to reduct stress and make suggestions for self care as well.

Some things that you can do to improve your gut health is consume fermented foods (sauerkraut) , drink Ginger or Tulsi tea.  I love and make Ginger Elixir Its my go to, and its simple easy to make!

Its my go to for digestion these days!

Here’s another resource 3 Easy Steps to beat stress as well, if you missed that, as it may be helpful to you.

We are all different and what stresses one person, may not stress another person.  Certainly what relaxes one person may again not work with another, so it is important to find what works for you, or to find a practitioner that is advanced that you can work with to save time and not spin your wheels.  I hope this quick little blog was helpful!

Check out the fermented recipes on the blog if you like fermented foods or pick up a book from your local library if you like.

I hope this quick little blog is helpful to you in some way.

Be blessed in all the things you do!

If you are stressed and you feel like you need extra help check out  THIS!

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