What is your one word for 2017?

Mine is unstoppable!!!!

Last year I broke though a huge fear!   I have struggled with a fear of heights all of my life (I am 46) .   This is something I have been working on for years, but I just couldn’t break through it.  I jus had a block and I couldn’t get past it for so many reasons.

One day I just psyched myself up and went for it and I climbed all the way to the top of the tree stand that dad and I had installed about 4 years ago.  Now. once I got to the top I had to come back down.   That was even scarier than going up!!!   But guess what, I did that too!  I ROCKED it!  Was it hard for me? Hell yeah!  Did I sweat? OMG you know it!    It was hard as hell for me!

It may sound silly to some people but if you are one of those that have an irrational fears, you know how that feels (hint that’s why they call it irrational). Some  people are afraid of snakes, spiders, water, etc.

So, now that I have done that I have walked over bridges I was previous afraid of and I walked across this log (pic) at my local park.  I’ve gone up the tree stand tons of times now with no issue.

Since then I did a indoor rock climbing and am going to make it a goal to go do REAL rock climbing soon!   It feels so great to break free from those chains!     It feels great!!!  I plan on continuing to work on issues that I struggle with because I am UNSTOPPABLE!!  

So what is your word for 2017?  Do you have something you need a breakthrough on?  How would you feel if you accomplished that?   What would that look like for you?  I hope you do it!!!  I hope this story some how helps you!!!


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